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Inspirational Book On Living Life With Blinders On 

Photo from Amazon We were born into the family of Adam with a cursed nature and a death sentence. We need a new spirit and a second birth. God has provided a redemption plan for us. - Dr. Mosley. Dr. Julius Mosley II constantly leads readers to a higher understanding...

How Black Americans Contributed to American Architectural History

How Black Americans Contributed to American Architectural History

Photo by Robyn Ronald Lee Harden uncovers American history with his book Untold Architectural Black History of Tampa, Florida, telling the quiet record of Black people and their infrastructure. Although often forgotten by the general populace, it cannot be said enough...

Understanding Hans Urs von Balthasar’s Ideas: Where to Begin

Photo by David Besh The aims and concepts of Hans Urs von Balthasar are thoroughly examined in Bevil Bramwell's Laity: Beautiful, Good, and True, bringing his profound wisdom to the public consciousness. In these times where people identifying as Christian...

Intentional Poetry: How Reading Poems Transform Us and the World

Intentional Poetry: How Reading Poems Transform Us and the World

Photo by Ricardo Esquivel Poets like Jacqui DeLorenzo, Jaime Fidler, and Kishwar Mirza—to name a few—are some recent examples of people writing transformative and resonant poetry in these perplexing times. Poetry, at its core, has always been deeply tied to what it is...

Amazingly Good Children’s Books By Caroleann Rice

Photo from Goodreads There are thousands and thousands of kids' books available. But do not be fooled; not all children's books are created equal. Choosing the right book for your kid can be difficult – especially if you are not sure what makes a good children's book....