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ReadersMagnet Review is a repository of various stories and interests reviewed by ReadersMagnet. In line with our commitment to sharing stories with the world, ReadersMagnet Review aims to provide our visitors with our own detailed and comprehensive storytelling of things, events, ideas, and narratives that we think are worth reading about.


ReadersMagnet Review hopes to gather anything from books, artworks, articles, news, music, and other human interests. We hope to examine them thoroughly so that we may come up with a fair assessment of each featured subject and provide our audience with a sound recommendation.


More importantly, it is our vision that ReadersMagnet Review will be able to build a community of individuals with shared interests and love for anything worth sharing with the world.

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ReadersMagnet Review: Neil C. Griffen

ReadersMagnet Review features Neil C. Griffen and his published work, From Science to Spirituality. Writing about science and spirituality takes a lot of wisdom and courage. After all, these two fundamental institutions have not been exactly the best of friends....

Five Spiritual and Self-Help Books Supported by Science

Here are five spiritual and self-help reads supported by science that you can check out this month. Waking Up by Sam Harris Waking Up: A Guide to Spirituality Without Religion is a 2015 spiritual book written by neurosurgeon and meditation expert Sam Harris. Part...

Five Female Food Authors to Check This March

ReadersMagnet Review celebrates Women’s Month with these five remarkable female food writers. Ruth Reichl Ruth Reichl is an American chef, food writer, editor-in-chief of Gourmet as well as co-producer of Gourmet’s Diary of a Foodie, aired on PBS. She is also the...

ReadersMagnet Review: Political Books to Read this March 2021

Here are five remarkable works about politics and political figures to read this March. A Promised Land by Barack Obama A Promised Land by the former United States President, Barack Hussein Obama, is the most anticipated first volume of his presidential memoirs. This...

Fantasy Books to Check this March 2021

Check out these latest fantasy children’s for March 2021. The Girl and the Ghost by Hanna Alkaf The Girl and the Ghost is a children’s fantasy story by Hanna Alkaf, published in August 2020. It is based on a Malayan folk tale. The story features Suraya and her...

ReadersMagnet Review: Lynda Hamblen

ReadersMagnet Review features Lynda Hamblen, author of the animal fantasy book William and Tibby Forever. Lynda Hamblen is the author of the fantasy adventure featuring cats entitled William and Tibby Forever. In the past, we have featured articles about the book and...

ReadersMagnet Review: Children’s Books by Caroleann Rice

ReadersMagnet Review: Children’s Books by Caroleann Rice

ReadersMagnet Review revisits children’s illustrated books by Caroleann Rice. Caroleann Rice is a children’s book author and a chaplain. In the previous months, we have featured articles on her and about her works. Rice’s works are modern fables that feature unlikely...

Five Perspectives on LGBTQ, Morality, and Empowerment

Five Perspectives on LGBTQ, Morality, and Empowerment

Here are five books offering five perspectives on the LGBTQ movement, its morality, and empowerment. Gay Rights and Moral Panic by F. Fejes Fred Fejes is a Professor of Media Studies at Florida Atlantic University, USA. He is also known for his studies and...

ReadersMagnet Review: Penny Higgins Children’s Books

ReadersMagnet Review: Penny Higgins Children’s Books

ReadersMagnet Review takes a look at children’s illustrated books penned by Penny Higgins. Modern animal storybooks are sort of modern fables. They feature animals as main characters, and their adventures and tales leave us with lessons and wisdom to ponder on. Penny...

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