As travel bans ease up in some parts of the globe, it’s interesting to check out these 5 travel books while still staying safe at home.

After many months spent at home due to quarantine and lockdowns, many of us are looking forward to traveling. Although there are some countries already planning to ease up restrictions for international travel, it is still wiser to stay at home and limit our movements until such time that a cure or a vaccine is discovered. While waiting for that they do happen, ReadersMagnet recommends these 5 travel books to read while remaining safely in our homes. 

The Art of Travel by Alain de Botton

The Art of Travel by Alain de Botton cover
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From the author of How Proust Can Save Your Life, comes a travel book like no other. The Art of Travel is filled with wits, excitement, and charm that only Alain de Botton can summon. In this book, Botton imparts the pleasure of anticipation, appreciating exotic beauty, and the importance of paying attention to details. There is more to traveling than being able to reach a certain destination. Every moment can be a reason for excitement, whether it’s boarding an aircraft to noticing a shoreline. The Art of Travel is a heart-warming read that will readers with wisdom and a whole new perspective about traveling.

Holy Cow! by Nicki Collins Geigert

holy cow! cover
Holy Cow! by Nicki Geigert

Holy Cow! by Nicki Geigert is a travel book that features the Indian culture of worshipping cows. In India, Cows are considered sacred and are not meant to be eaten. In many parts, not owned by anyone, and are allowed to roam freely. They feed on grain or ceremonial flowers from worshippers. In short, while they are revered as holy animals, they are not properly taken care of. Nicki Geigert’s Holy Cow! take readers on a journey through India, get a glimpse of their unique culture, and see the real situation of cows in India. Nicki Geigert is a traveler, photographer, and author. She is also the author of the travel book Family Trip to Magical Madagascar.

Medium Raw by Anthony Bourdain 

Medium Raw by Anthony Bourdain cover
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Two years after his death, the world still mourns the death of one of America’s celebrated chefs and travel, author, documentarian. Medium Raw is Bourdain’s 2011 book and a follow-up to his bestseller Kitchen Confidential. Medium raw features Bordain’s unexpected journey from being a cook to an adventurer traveling the globe, experiencing various cuisine, and meeting some of the world’s most powerful chefs including David Chang, the young superstar chef and founder of Momofuku restaurant group, and Alice Waters. We included this in our list simply because reading Anthony Bourdain’s book is like traveling the world, meeting and tasting various foods from all across the globe. 

The Travel Book Mini by Lonely Planet 

The Travel Book Mini by Lonely Planet cover
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The Lonely Planet is one of the world’s leading travel guide publisher and has been in the business since 1972. In 2013, they published The Travel Book Mini, a smaller version of Lonely Planet’s original Travel Book 2. The book covers 230 countries with over 830 images. Through stunning photographs and atmospheric text, the book takes readers to the heart of every country. The countries are arranged in alphabetical order for convenience. Included in the book are double-page spreads of every destination, map, key destinations, cultural insights, and text by the staff and authors. The Travel Book Mini is a must-have book for every traveler. 

World’s Cheapest Destinations by Tim Leffel

World’s Cheapest Destinations by Tim Leffel cover
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Now, here’s a travel book we all deserve. Tim Leffel’s World’s Cheapest Destinations provides readers an overview of 21 great travel bargains including information on lodging price, restaurant meals, local transportation guides, sites, and attractions. It includes a “what you can get for a buck or less” feature in each country. While most travel books eventually tend to have a discouraging effect because of the price tags, Tim Leffel’s guide book invites us to travel internationally by showing us the right choices and destination. From $2 meals, $1 museum admissions, and $10 private rooms to some of the best snorkeling and diving spots on Earth, this book shows readers that great travel experiences need not be costly.