Wild adventures are calling, and ReadersMagnet recommends these excellent adventure books to inspire you to go out and travel.

The Aloha Shirt: Spirit of the Islands by Dale Hope

Our list starts with a book about a shirt that has come to symbolize a majestic island and a way of life- the Aloha Shirt. Dale Hope’s The Aloha Shirt: Spirit of the Islands features stories on the most famous souvenir ever invented, the Hawaiian shirt. The Aloha Shirt provides beautifully illustrated images and recounts the colorful narratives behind these popular shirts. As we all know, the Hawaiian shirts have become cultural icons, evocative of the mystery and the allure of the islands, capturing the vibe of the watermen culture and lifestyle — casual, relaxed, and fun. Dale Hope tells us why collectors and millions of vacationers and fashionistas value and enjoy these colorful wear.

The Voyage of the Cormorant by Christian Beamish 

Almost a decade since its publication in 2012, The Voyage of the Cormorant remains one of the most popular books sea adventurers and surfers. Christian Beamish is a former editor at The Surfer’s Journal. He imagined a low-tech, self-reliant exploration for surf along the coast of North America, using primarily clothes and instruments available to his ancestors. He would go on to make that dream a reality by building an 18-foot boat in his garage. In his book, The Voyage of the Cormorant, Beamish shares how his dream became a reality. It’s not just a manual for surfers and outdoor adventurers. It is a book that will rekindle our love for dreaming and setting goals. More importantly, it is an invitation to go out there and seek out the adventures that await us.

Slow Adventures by Tor McIntosh

Adventures do not necessarily mean fast, impromptu, or spur of the moment. Sometimes, great adventures come in the form of pondering and truly experience the world the beauty all around you. Tor McIntosh shares an ‘unhurried exploration of the great outdoors encourages you to engage all of your senses and fully appreciate the beauty of your surroundings. Slow Adventures is a book that emphasizes experiencing the magnificence and serenity of nature. The book features willow weaving in Somerset, rock pooling in East Sussex, wild camping in Cambridgeshire, foraging in Herefordshire, spoon carving in Cumbria, fossil hunting in Yorkshire, lino printing in Monmouthshire, bushcraft in Northumberland, sea kayaking in Inverness-shire and other unforgettable adventures. 

Family Trip to Magical Madagascar by Nicki Geigert 

As a professional photographer and a travel writer, Nicki Geigert has been to many places outside the United States. In 2014, she and her family went to the African continent on a fantastic tour in Madagascar. Her book, Family Trip to Madagascar and Beyond, is a travel photobook that captured their trip to the said country plus a brief tour in Harare, Zimbabwe. Readers will see unique photos of photographs of the unique animals of Madagascar, particularly lemurs, reptiles, moths, natural landscape, and people and culture in action. Among the photographs are two that Nicki took of the endemic baobab trees along the famed Alley of the Baobabs during a sunset and the Lover’s Baobab Tree. It is also a book about most unique mammals by Geigert.

1,000 Perfect Weekends by National Geographic

It’s hard not to include a National Geographic publication on this list. 1,000 Perfect Weekends: Great Getaways Around the Globe is a 2021 travel guide to some 1,000 majestic sites you can go to for the weekend. The book features sunny beach retreats, lush mountain idylls, exotic city sojourns, and wild adventures worldwide. Spend two days sailing off the coast of the Bahamas or enjoy a foodie tour of Mexico City’s markets. Camp with wild horses on Assateague Island or take a drive through Italy’s “Chocolate Valley.” This fantastic travel guide offers adventures built that will excite readers. Divided by theme and interest–including nature parks, city escapes, country weekends, mountain retreats, and more–this fun-packed guide offers an adventure you can experience in 36 to 72 hours.