Across the globe, any significant political election is not complete without lies and controversies. It is true even for a global superpower like the United States of America. Myths and rumors about fraud and corruption did not escape the views of Republicans and Democrats during the US presidential election in 2020. Even after its conclusion, many believe that current US president Joseph R. Biden Jr. has stolen the seat from Mr. Trump.

Is there any truth in the illegalities that persist two years after the United States has embraced Biden as its 46th leader? This question is the premise of Drake Alexander’s political non-fiction book “Coup: How America was Stolen in 2020.” Alexander sat with award-winning broadcaster Kate Delaney in America Tonight for an in-depth radio interview.

Getting to Know the Man Behind “Coup”

Drake Alexander is a licensed lawyer based in the United States. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. He has served on Capitol Hill and has studied Constitutional, Tort, Criminal, and Contractual Law.

Alexander is an avid follower of underground conspiracy theories. These theories sparked his interest in writing books and developing documentaries on such topics. Drake Alexander is a sought-after guest of shows and podcasts that tackle politics and culture. He is also a founder of an online community that deals with the social control paradigm. “Coup: How America was Stolen in 2020” is his first book.

The Birth of “Coup: How America was Stolen in 2020”

In his radio interview with Kate Delaney, Drake Alexander revealed that it took him about a year of investigation to complete the book. “The reason why I felt particularly compelled to do this book was because where I live, in Pennsylvania, was sort of ground zero for issues on the 2020 elections,” he said.

Alexander emphasized that “Coup” isn’t much of a political book. Instead, it is a narrative of being on the scenes and seeing what people report as political issues. “Many of these issues I saw personally. Things like cardboard being placed over the ballot counting areas, things like poll monitors being rejected from polling places.”

Alexander added that his interest in law also played a significant part in his writing. “This book is not about whether those illegal votes should have been counted. It’s just an accounting that there were millions of illegal votes in the 2020 election,” Alexander explained. These reasons are critical in the making of Alexander’s book. Such details also made his book different from other materials of the same genre.

A Deep Look in Indisputable Facts

In his one-on-one talk with Delaney, Alexander disclosed some crucial information. One of these is that he wrote the book by setting the basis of where the population found election fraud.

Alexander stated details from the 2016 election, including Russia’s conspiracy to collude with Trump. “What the senate intelligence report found was that Russia has purchased about a hundred thousand dollars of Facebook ads that are pro-Trump. In a state by state catalog by stating much more significant issues, irregularities, and fraud,” he shared.

Alexander emphasized that there is no media coverage of these devious activities, and no courts would also accept the case on merit. He said that the irregularities in Pennsylvania are prime examples of indisputable facts.

“In Pennsylvania, a democrat elected governor basically changed the election protocol,” Alexander explained that changing the protocols allowed votes to be counted for as long as necessary, which is beyond the period permitted by the law.

In addition, Alexander said that changes in the eligibility requirements were also illegally implemented. “There were thousands and thousands of blank ballots for Joe Biden that came into Pennsylvania that never should have been counted but were counted anyways. This is all in violation of the law. That’s an indisputable fact that there were votes in Pennsylvania that were counted but never would have been counted in any other elections.”

The author separated and presented circumstantial, direct, and indisputable evidence to back the conspiracies mentioned throughout the book. What shocked him the most was the Arizona election audit. “In Arizona, it’s a provable fact that 27,000 non-citizens to this country voted in this Arizona election. That alone is more than double the victory margin of Joe Biden in that state.”

The Future of the American Election

Towards the end of the book, the author discusses what Americans can do to improve confidence in elections. One of his suggestions is to open up social media again by reforming Section 230 and following the laws implemented by the individual states.

“That’s what happened. People just didn’t follow the laws in their various states. Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada – all of these states didn’t follow the laws under their own books.”

The author believes that American citizens cannot trust their election if irregularities and fraud continue to exist. He hopes that people will continue to seek the truth and realize that not everything presented to them is accurate. Drake Alexander wants people to realize that regardless of the topic, something’s not right when they are forced not to talk about something. Dive deeper into the dark chambers of the 2020 US presidential election in Drake Alexander’s exciting book “Coup: How America was Stolen in 2020” today. It is available on the ReadersMagnet Bookstore