With the coronavirus pandemic, many parents turn to homeschool to keep children from being exposed to this deadly virus. However, homeschool can come with a learning curve. Consider your child’s circumstances becoming stressed with loads of workbooks and online resources; ergo, you have to think of an approach to which your child is having fun but still learning. According to some experts, kids don’t need tons of homeschooling-focused books or homeschool curriculums to know. Cut your children some slack and keep them enriched through educational books. Below are books to help you with homeschool education. These are not homeschool workbooks rather academic books that you and your child will love reading together. 

National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Why 2 by Jill Esbaum

Kids are inquisitive and curious, and they have many burning questions that some parents do not know how to answer. But with Jill Esbaum’s National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Why have the answers to most of the burning “Why?” questions your child has. This book has more than 200 colorful photos that are paired with age-appropriate texts. This book features typically asked questions like “Why do dogs sniff everything?”, “Why do I burp?” and “Why is the ocean water salty?” This non-fiction book inspires and motivates children to be curious, inquisitive, and explore the world around them. Have your child be fascinated with nature, science, the human body, and animals. 

Family Trip To Magical Madagascar And Beyond by Nicki Geigert 

Nature photographer and author Nicki Geigert’s Family Trip To Magical Madagascar And Beyond presents exciting places, adventures, animals, and floras in Madagascar and Zimbabwe. This is a picture book of a family trip on the fourth largest island in the world. Kids will surely learn from the huge array of indigenous animals found in the area, such as lemurs, fossas, aye-ayes, chameleons, and insects. Geigert will take young readers on an adventure of a lifetime that can add lifelong memories and bonding experiences. Traveling the magical Madagascar and beyond teaches young readers of the cultural diversity, animals, plants, and places in the country. 

Ordinary People Change the World by Brad Meltzer

History is an essential subject. History is filled with figures who can inspire and move anyone. Brad Meltzer’s Ordinary People Change the World is a box set of books that shares stories of great role models in history. Each book features one historical figure, such as Abraham Lincoln, Amelia Earheart, Rosa Parks, and Albert Einstein. You and your child can learn about these heroes who made history. Meltzer shares their stories and their legacy to the people now. This book will inspire children to become significant figures in the future and make a difference in life and the world. 

Do Unto Otters by Laurie Keller

The Greek philosopher Socrates once said, Do not do to others that would anger you if others did it. Laurie Keller’s Do Unto Otters shares the same message that Socrates conveys to his audience. This children’s storybook tells the story of Mr. Rabbit and his new neighbors, the Otters. Mr. Rabbit does not know one thing about Otters, and this provides a challenge. Will they get along and be friends? Or will they become sworn enemies? However, Mr. Owl advised Mr. Rabbit to treat the Otters how he’d like them to treat him. Keller’s book will teach children of basic manners and respect that they need in life. 

What’s New at the Zoo by Suzanne Slade

Suzanne Slade’s What’s New at the Zoo will take young readers on a unique animal adventure. Add how many baby animals with adult animals are in the zoo altogether. While exploring the zoo, young readers will learn the type of animals, the food they eat, and what the baby animals are called. Follow the lost red balloon as it soars through the zoo. And at the end of the day and book, get to count up all the animals you’ve seen. Slade’s book includes a section for creative minds asking questions and presenting facts for child learning.