A young Samoan girl embarks on a journey to find her family’s killer.

1 Law 4 All follows Kitiona Tuafa as she reluctantly leaves her home in American Samoa to find her family’s killers. While being stalked, harassed, and chased around the city of San Francisco, she stumbles upon a retired legal professional and an idealistic ragtag group of law students. Together, they theorize and put up the pieces together to find who masterminded the fire that killed Kitiona’s family, only to be terrorized by the same group of killers.

The Tale Reflects the Real-World Justice System

The story might be crime fiction, but it reflects the real-world scenario of how the justice system and politics work. In the story, a sex-crazed senator, Bonni Giardina, masterminded the house fire in order for her to take power, get political votes, gain money, and stop Kitiona’s father from revealing information to the workers about the effects of asbestos on humans.

The plan to burn down the house and kill the Tuafas with it was carried out. However, Kitiona was not around when it happened. She reluctantly left her home to find whoever did it and prove it was a homicide. Kitiona knew it was murder since their house had thin walls that one conscious person could have easily escaped the fire. She embarked on a journey to find justice and send the criminals to jail.

A Romance Within a Crime/Law Story

The story has a layer of romance within the crime/law story.

As Kitiona took on a life-changing journey, she was pursued by men who wanted her dead. Fortunately, she was able to come across Mac and used him to hide from her pursuers. Mac got attracted to Kitiona and was hoping to find her again.

Kitiona found her way to a retired legal professional, Ben Green, who agreed to help her find the real culprit behind the death of her family. However, Ben needed help with gathering evidence to prove their claim. Fortunately, they found their way to a group of law students composed of Mac, Jimmy, Carol, and Juan, who agreed to be part of the case. Anna, Carol’s friend, also took part in the mission as she had contact with someone closely connected to their alleged crime mastermind.

Mac, of course, wanted to be in it as he was deeply attracted to Kitiona since their first meeting. As a law student, he did everything to prove his worth as a capable member of the team and that he can do anything for Kitiona.

Character Dynamics

The ensemble of characters that surrounds Kitiona gives the story more energy. The law students brought in the excitement of finally practicing what they had been studying. Jimmy, Juan, Mac, Carol, and Anna had their moments delving into action as they pieced together evidence to find the real culprit of the crime. They have different personalities that set one character from the other.

The Power of Feminism 

The book was written by a male writer who proves to have know-how with feminism. His main character may have her own weaknesses that most writers would show, but he made her strong in a way that she actually controls everything around her. She is not a damsel in distress but a warrior ready for battle.

The antagonist is one powerful woman as well. She is a queen on her throne. She manipulates men around her and takes power in everything in her way.

Both Kitiona and Bonnie are strong-willed and can outmatch or easily dominate the male characters that surround them.

Easy-Read Chapters

The novel has 100-plus chapters. It shows scenes where readers can fully create images of the scenarios. It might be intimidating for some readers, but 1 Law 4 All has easy-to-read chapters that readers will not easily get lost as they delve into the story. The chapters are short and keep the readers engaged.


1 Law 4 All is a reflection of the modern society that conveys a message that no matter how powerful a criminal could be, there are still people of law that bring the just in justice.

This book is a perfect reminder that justice will be served to those who did the wrong.

Readers can get a copy of 1 Law 4 All by Billy Angel on Amazon and ReadersMagnet Bookstore. Learn more about the author and his works at www.1law4all.us.

Quote | “It was captivating; a real page turner. I found myself thinking about the characters when I wasn’t reading the book and wondering how the story would unfold.” – JC, Amazon Customer.

Author’s Biography

Billy Angel was born in the Midwest and was educated on the West Coast in California. He earned his Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate degrees in various fields of health and education. He authors a political blog seeking justice for the American people. He resides with his wife, four children, and six grandchildren in Hawaii.

Book Title| 1 Law 4 All

Author| Billy Angel

Genre| Fiction

Publisher| ReadersMagnet LLC

Published Date| March 29, 2023

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