Betrayal is the most devastating thing to happen to a person. It can particularly be jolting to that person. Betrayal will forever damage the relationship of the one who betrayed and the one betrayed. Being betrayed by the people you know and trust the most is a heart-rending experience one can encounter, especially when the person who betrayed you are people whom you should trust and whom you vowed to be within sickness and health. This was the case for John Neumann, the main character of Greg Van Arsdale’s book, The Genesis Project Part Two: New BeginningsJohn Neumann is a good man with big dreams. The dream of finishing, The Genesis Project. A creation that can help people, who are crippled and dying, by giving them new hope in life through this virtual world machine. But many are against his dream, ambitious and wicked people are out to put a stop to this project. 

The story began when John Neumann’s consciousness broke out from the virtual world and went back to the real world. His memories, which he did not have from the first part of the Genesis Project, were regained. He remembered everything from the creation of the Genesis Project. The vice president of his company, Jack Lokitus, and John’s wife, Judith Neumann, have always been against the virtual world project. Little did John know, Jack and Judith were having an affair and were dead set on discrediting him to take over John’s empire. However, the lovers’ plot failed. Jack Lokitus, being overly ambitious, went mad with rage. The killings then started. One by one, board members of John’s empire died and John was framed for these deaths. After having been betrayed, he was again deceived by one of John’s inner circle who joined forces with the enemy. Lokitus and his subordinates embedded the Genesis machine with a virus that can corrupt the entire project and the people inside. John Neumann is torn between destroying his creation or abdicating his empire. 

Author Greg Van Arsdale has the talent for writing deep and thrilling science fiction novels. His book, New Beginnings, is part two of the four-part of his sci-fi novel, The Genesis Project Series. The entire plot was pretty crafty as it tackles the virtual reality world and the many possibilities that surround it. Upon reading the book, one can say that it was well-researched considering that the story revolves around scientific and technological advancement. One would consider Van Arsdale’s imaginative work to be credible and realistic considering that it still observes logical aspects throughout. 

Anyone who would read the book would say that Greg Van Arsdale has a wide imagination and meticulously detailed writing which played a great role as it opens a door for the readers to visualize the plotline. Also, he was agreeably descriptive with the narration. One line goes like this, “Sounds of splintering wood and shattered glass faded down the hall as the two rear guards backed through the open door.” Reading a line such as that will surely invoke images and immerse the readers into the story’s world. It was noteworthy how he made clever use of words. In addition, Van Arsdale wrote gripping and thrilling action scenes and engaging dialogues that will evoke emotions and feel empathy towards the characters. The story provides a strong ending and a hanging one. This will certainly make you want to read the next part of the book. 

The Genesis Project Part Two: New Beginnings should be read after reading the first part of the series. It is recommended to do so considering there are aspects and holes in the story that you may not understand when you read this part alone. Anyone who enjoys science, technology, thriller, action and everything in between would surely love this book.