Staying ahead of the curve in these turbulent economic and technological development times requires lifelong mastery of new concepts, subjects, and abilities. You must be willing to shed some ineffective mindset and redesign how you view life to achieve more and stand out from the crowd.

The way to garner the laurels of excellence could be smoother. Instead, it is complex, bumpy, and challenging. However, nobody said you have to travel all by yourself. If you are ready to travel towards a place where you’re making more income and enjoying your career and life more than ever, “A Great Fit: My Take on Confidence, Charisma, and the Career That Suits You Best” is the jolt of energy you’ve been waiting your whole life. Published in 2019, the autobiography by Tom Murry also serves as a timely self-help book for job hunters, career-changers, and anyone who refuses to have the second best.

The Mastermind Behind the “Great Fit”

Tom Murry, the former CEO of Calvin Klein, oversaw the business for seventeen years and helped the company increase its global retail sales from $2.8 billion to $7.7 billion. Before that, he worked for renowned fashion companies for the duration of his career, including Tahari and Evan-Picone. Murry eventually worked his way up to the best position in the world: working with legendary designer Calvin Klein.

He wrote his debut book “A Great Fit: My Take on Confidence, Charisma, and the Career That Suits You Best” with his wife’s encouragement. The book’s editor was Mary Curran-Hackett of Kevin Anderson Associates. Being around such incredible creative minds like Calvin, Malcolm Carfrae, Ulrich Grimm, Fabio Fusco, and Elie Tahari inspired him to share what he has learned. The act of writing was difficult but joyful for Murry. He hopes his book will enable his readers to achieve the same professional success as he did.

Tom now relishes life outside the executive suite, plays golf, and travels. He is still together with Lynda Murry, his adored junior high sweetheart, and is just as in love with her now as he was when he first laid eyes on her.

Blueprint for Success

In his debut book, Murry shares personal advice on how he rose to the top of the career he was supposed to have and how his readers may accomplish the same in their careers. He explains his point using his decades of experience as a leader in the fashion industry.

In an easygoing, unpretentious story, Murry takes his readers from his beginnings in Houston to the most significant runways of the world, including his trips around the world and a spell working on an oil rig as a young man. He gives glimpses of well-known fashion people, institutions, and events.

Murry’s lessons explore the traits that make a strong leader and how his readers may utilize them to succeed in any workplace. The book is not a how-to but rather a considerate and uncomplicated examination of the skills and elegance that enabled Murry to follow his chosen profession.

“A Great Fit: My Take on Confidence, Charisma, and the Career That Suits You Best” is a fun, educational, and encouraging gift from an author who wants everyone to experience the same career success that he has, regardless of their profession, stage in life, or knowledge of or interest in the fashion world.

The book shares a proven framework for successful goal-making. Whether the goal is to jumpstart your career, boost your confidence, or build your own business from the ground up, the principles Tom Murry gives will guide you to success. From encouraging readers to become lifelong learners to helping them visualize the career path they want, the book will make anyone think of success as an easy journey.

Go after something your future self would thank for by reading “A Great Fit: My Take on Confidence, Charisma, and the Career That Suits You Best” by Tom Murry. Copies of the book are now available on Amazon.