Photo by Beau Botschuijver

Nicki’s Family Trip To Magical Madagascar And Beyond is an informative and visual travel book with spectacular images.

Madagascar is best known for its lemurs (primitive relatives of monkeys, apes, and humans), colorful chameleons, stunning orchids, and towering baobab trees; Madagascar is home to some of the world’s most unique flora and fauna. And Nicki Geigert was able to capture all these life forms, including the ecological landscape, and scenes of local life and culture abound in the collection as well as a wildlife sanctuary during her stop in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Book Profile

In 2014, author Nicki Geigert and her family flew to Madagascar for a family vacation of enjoyment and exploration. They soon learned that the places and the Malagasy people “have the longest names in the world.” For example, the capital city is Antananarivo, and their guide and driver was beneficial, Hery Andrianartenaina. The family interacted with local artisans, school children, and fishermen and stayed in various picturesque inns and cottages. Their happy faces are displayed in the author’s extensive collection of color photos. One great charm of Madagascar is its wildlife. It boasts over sixty species of lemurs, so tame that photographing them was easy, as these delightfully furry, sleek little creatures would take food from the family’s hands and contentedly perch on shoulders. The family also interacted with moths, frogs, butterflies, starfish, elephants, fossa, cheetahs, kudus, and the very rare pangolin. Most species there are endangered owing to agriculture and logging, so seeing them in their habitat was a rare, memorable, and much-appreciated privilege.

Geigert, on an amazing adventure, sets her on a family trip to Madagascar, which captures the life forms and culture of Madagascar and Zimbabwe in an array of photographs and accompanying prose. This travel book is structured in journal style, with locations and events intricated chronologically; essentially, the book is an account of Nicki’s 21-day itinerary. From the beginning, the text is informative, like having written the statement Madagascar is the 4th largest island in the world. This manner sets the tone for the entire book, peppered with encyclopedic knowledge snippets. Indeed, anyone who intends to visit Madagascar will find this publication a fount of valuable and exciting information. The book’s strength is the photographs themselves, as they describe the visual narrative of the trip in excellent detail. The photos speak for themselves of the Madagascar magic. From the opening scenic vista of Antananarivo to the close-up wildlife shots, Nicki takes on the readers to resist the pull of Madagascar and, later, Zimbabwe. The visuals are enriched by documented particulars, freighted with the writer’s knowledge and love of local flora, fauna, and customs and traditions.

Similarly, while focusing on family, this book provides a fascinating text that includes the history of the country’s colonization, missionary contact, and strong, enduring tribal cultures and rituals. These facts are given in the company with photographs. It ranges from intimate moments, cuddling adorable lemurs and petting cheetahs, to panoramas of the capital city and tea plantations, antique architecture, rickshaws, sailboats, and one exceptionally breathtaking shot of a majestic row of baobab trees mirrored in a small pond at sunset. Geiger’s book should be required reading and gazing for anyone planning a trip to the same locales. It will also capture armchair travelers with its spirited photography and its informative, amusing, and sometimes credibly frustrating travelers’ tales.

About the Author

  Nicki Geigert has been passionate about photography as a hobby since childhood and has photographed seven (7) continents as a professional photographer and travel writer. And her work has been featured in travel guides and gallery shows and sold as wall art. Her book, “Family Trip to Magical Madagascar and Beyond,” was also chosen at the Frankfurt International Book Fair and the LA Times International Book Fair to represent the Travel Section.

  Her extensive experience photographing worldwide has shown her that beauty is everywhere. She has witnessed life in third-world countries, where the cultures and governments are much different from here in North America. Capturing different lifestyles, wildlife, and landscapes is what drives her passion.

  As a landscape and nature photographer, Nicki’s beautiful photos that capture wildlife in their natural habitats set her apart from other photographers. Geigert likes to get up close and personal in capturing candid moments of life. She hopes to expand her portfolio and keep traveling the world. 

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