Nothing compares to the feeling of getting to experience the wildlife and seeing animals comfortable in their natural habitat. Definitely one of the most refreshing encounters in life. That is why some people would always opt to visit places where wildlife can be seen. But for some people, they would go for books that feature animals. In this blog, ReadersMagnet will show you five of the ideal books animal lovers should own:

Whether you love animals or are still trying to like them, the following books will make you feel warmth with them.

Who’s Yawning Now? by Nicki Geigert

Who’s Yawning now is a fascinating book that can surely melt everybody’s heart. All animals are different. However, if you did not know, they share the same things; they yawn. For example, they would yawn after getting a full meal or waking up after a long nap. Imagine how cute it is to see all animals yawn together. To give you the full experience, this book features different kinds of endangered animals yawning. An amazing author and photographer have captured innocent moments of the animals yawn in different circumstances. This children’s photo book on yawning lemurs is perfect for the young ones. Introducing them to endangered species is one of the many goals of this book. Moreover, if you want to get a warm heart with all these yawns from animals, you can definitely get this book.

The Animal Book by Steve Jenkins

An outstanding book that can teach readers so much about various animals in the world. Some of the reviews are saying that this book sets a high bar for natural science. And this statement does not lie. This book discusses all the tiny detail that you could never find in any book, from insects to reptiles. Plus, it covers various themes, not just animals but also family. The outstanding illustration will surely capture every kid’s attention.

Treasury for Children by James Herriot

This award-winning author always makes it possible to be best friends with his readers. One of his amazing works that became children’s best book is Treasury for Children: Warm and Joyful Tales by the Author of All Creatures Great and Small. This delightful book brings the farming world to the children. There are a lot of radiant illustrations that can also be very enticing. It is inspired by Herriot’s life on the farm. This book features a myriad of animals in each story. Narrated by the country vet, the author himself, this book is full of love and warmth. Plus, you can also expect some good laughs out of this book.

The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein

No one says no to books about dogs. This one is not just about that; it is about relationships and families. The Art of Racing in the Rain is a novel release back in 2008. A dog narrates it. Inspired by the author’s own love for dogs, it is based a lot on the world’s reality. So, many should expect this one to be as emotionally affecting as possible.

The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate

If you want to follow an unforgettable story that you surely would recommend to the next generations, Applegate’s The One and Only Ivan is the book to get. Although there is an adaptation motion picture for this book already, reading this should not be skipped. This timeless narrative will never fail to make readers feel emotions. It is about hope and friendship, matters everybody can relate to. The story is taken from a captive gorilla named Ivan and is told from Ivan’s perspective.