Check out these funny and educational books about animals- their habitats and their way of life.

Water World by Ben Rothery

Water World is a 2021 children’s animal book by Natural history illustrator Ben Rothery. In this book, Ben takes readers in an epic exploration of the marine world. He introduces young readers to wonderful creatures that live in our coastal and offshore waters, including huge polar bears, tiny seahorses, and other unusual inhabitants of the deep sea. Each illustration is done by Rothery and is accompanied by fascinating facts for children to absorb and enjoy. Designed for kids 4 to 8 years old, Water World is a timely read as it is set against the backdrop of the climate crisis we are currently living in. Readers will learn more about the threats these wonderful underwater worlds and be inspired to protect these animals from extinction.

Who’s Yawning Now? by Nicki Geigert

Have you seen actual photos of animals yawning? Worry no more as we bring you a fun and interesting book on yawning animals. Nicki Geigert is a professional photographer known for his travel photos and pictures of animals in the wild. In her book, Who’s Yawning Now?, Nicki Geigert shares 42 pages of awesomeness featuring captured moments of animals yawning. The book is designed for babies and children up to twelve (12) years old. Aside from colorful and candid photos, the book also educates young readers about the state of these animals. The species featured has an accompanying trivia and an IUCN Red List of Threatened Species tag. The tag indicates how endangered an animal is based on the best-known worldwide conservation status listing and ranking system.

Baby Animals by Libby Walden and Co.

A Ladybird Book: Baby Animals by Libby Walden, Nick Crumpton & Stephanie Fizer Coleman is a 2021 encyclopedia for children seven to nine years old. This time, the Ladybird book series focuses on exploring the first year of life for baby animals in the wild. Many of us are curious how baby animals survive the first few days, weeks, and months of their life. What do they eat? How do they sleep and protect themselves from other wild animals? In this book, kids will learn about baby animals grow, adapt, and learn to survive even when they are still tiny. From hatching from eggs to being protected from predators in magical marsupial pouches, the book offers amazing stories that will make you adore the creatures in the animal kingdom.

Around the Farm by Eric Carle

As part of its 50th anniversary, The Very Hungry Caterpillar released a look-and-find book written and illustrated by Eric Carle. World of Eric Carle, Around The Farm My First Look And Find Activity Book is the complete title of this padded board book that explores the wonderful world of farm animals. Designed for kids four years old and above, it offers eight (8) scenes for hidden farm and animal-themed objects. Children will enjoy searching, pointing, matching, and comparing all independently with no reading required. Eric Carle’s Around the Farm encourages focus and exploration and helps build early learning skills. The small book is perfect for quiet time, car rides, and even picnics! A play-a-sound version of the book is also available.

Yucky Worms by Vivian French

We seldom read books about worms, yet these tiny creatures that inhabit underground and beneath dead trees and plants play a crucial role in our ecosystem. Yucky Worms is a funny and educational book about nature’s recyclers. Children will learn more about the hard-working, wiggly, slimy worms and how they survive in the wild without hands, or fangs, or wings. Discover where worms live, how they move from place to place, and understand why gardeners consider them friends through the eyes of a little boy working in the garden with his grandmother. Yucky Worms will make kids read it many times with cool illustrations by Jessica Ahlberg and little trivia.