The Last Widow by Karen Slaughter

The Last Widow is a suspense novel written by award-winning author Karen Slaughter. It is part of her Will Trent book series. The Last Widow begins with the abduction of a scientist from the Center for Disease Control. Despite the manhunt, there seems to be no trace of the kidnappers. A month two bombs exploded in one of the most important neighborhoods in Atlanta. A university, two major hospitals, the FBI Headquarters, and the Center for Disease Control are among the establishments bombed. Will Trent, an investigator with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, and her partner, Sara Linton must find a way to identify those responsible for the death of thousands and prevent any more terrorist attacks in the future. The Last Widow is one of Karen Slaughter’s most action-packed thrillers and is truly an unforgettable read.

A More Perfect Union by Paul Shemella

A More Perfect Union is the second installment from Paul Shemella’s Jungle Rules trilogy. It is one of the latest published novels about white nationalist terrorism. Carl Malinowski and Gabriele Barnes are in Washington D. C. after a year of living a quiet life. While visiting the Air and Space Museum, Carl noticed a person leaving behind a bag. Deducing that it’s a bomb, Carl raced to throw the bag away from the people but was killed in the process. Determined to find those responsible for Carl’s death, Gabriele teams up with the FBI and Jerry Tompkins to find a secret organization of white nationalist terrorist group. But first, Gabriele and Jerry must pose as a couple, and infiltrate a militia that may hold the key to identifying those responsible for the recent attacks, including the bombing that killed Carl. A More Perfect Union presents new characters, narratives, but still carries the same explosiveness and thrilling scenes, only Paul Shemella can deliver. Another masterfully-written thriller one should not miss.

The Turner Diaries by William Luther Pierce

Published in 1978, The Turner Diaries by William Luther Pierce is one of the classic novels about racial terrorism. It is an apocalyptic story about a genocide attack against racial minorities. In a not-so-distant future, the diary of an electrical engineer named Earl Turner is unearthed near the Revolutionary Headquarters in the 100th year of the New Era. Turner’s diary entries describe a world where white citizens are now ruled by Jews, African-Americans, and other minorities. Turner becomes a member of a secret organization that wages a war of political terrorism against the system dominated by these racial minorities. It is there hope that by staging these terrorist attacks, the government will issue repressive laws and in turn lessen its popularity.

Heaven, My Home by Attica Locke

Heaven, My Home is a crime-drama set behind the backdrop of a town’s still-preserve racial prejudices. It follows the story of a Texas Ranger named Darren Matthews whose career and marriage have seen some better days. An opportunity to redeem himself emerges when an unlikely possibility of a rescue for a missing boy arrives. The missing boy is a 9-year old Levi King. He is alone in a small lakeside town where the people survive on nostalgia for antebellum Texas – and some of the era’s racial attitudes are still evident. Darren must race to find the boy whose father is a captain of an Aryan Brotherhood. Heaven, My Home is riveting with a unique narrative.

Homeland Insecurity by Richard and Evangeline Abanes

Homeland Insecurity is a thriller novel by award-winning author Richard Abanes and his wife, Evangeline. The story begins after a group of white supremacists launches a terrifying attack on America. Frank Delafied, a journalist in Los Angeles, begins his investigation. He hopes to solve the puzzle as to why this sinister plot escaped the nation’s tight security and law enforcement. Frank finds himself traveling to Rosamond, California where he learns of a secret group called Yahweh’s Holy Temple. What he discovers next is an even bigger plot to destroy the United States government and replace it with their so-called “Fourth Reigh”. Homeland Insecurity is a thrilling and haunting read from start to finish.