Photo by Nicki Geigert

Kids and adults will love this photobook of animals caught yawning. 

Yawning In Animals

Yawning is a semi-automatic action that animal and human species share. Yawning in animals can be of two (2) types, spontaneous or contagious. Contagious yawning is when mammals, like humans, yawn in response. This action causes them to become coordinated and particularly attuned in their movements, increasing the level of collective awareness in the case of herds. This could mean that yawning in animals is regulated by empathy, just as it is among humanity. 

On the other hand, spontaneous yawning is more frequent when animals transition between wakefulness and sleep or relaxation. It increases blood flow, oxygenates the brain, and thus has a physiological function.

Nicki Geigert, a photographer and author of multiple travel-inspired photo books, captured the yawning activities of animals.  

Who’s Yawning Now?

Who’s Yawning Now? contains photographs Geigert took of animals she caught yawning in many of her travels worldwide. When she discovered that all animals yawn, just as people do, she began to document those occasions. In doing so, Nicki has put together a very extensive library of animals caught yawning.

  The wildlife photobook shows a wide variety of individual wild animals (and even some birds) caught yawning, their habitat, where the specific animal lives, and something about that animal. Here, Geigert details where the animals live, their habitat, why they yawn (such as when they feel stressed), their conservation status, and some fun facts.

  “Who’s Yawning Now?” has been well-received by several independent book review publications. In her review, Karen Rigby, writing for the Foreword Clarion Reviews, said that the book “is an educational, valuable picture book that encourages and inspires curiosity through its curation of interesting mammals and birds.”

  A review written by BlueInk Reviews said that the book uses a simple concept to help children learn about and empathize with a wide variety of creatures and should appeal to young animal lovers.”

  “Descriptions compare and contrast animal and human responses. Young audiences will giggle at the comparisons,” read a review by Kirkus Reviews.

Overall, the book “Who’s Yawning Now?” by Nicki Geigert is a well-rounded, well-received, and critically-acclaimed educational book for kids that is highly recommendable for all.

Author Bio

  Nicki Geigert received her B.S. in Physical Education degree from Washington State University, Pullman, Washington, in 1969 and her M.S. Ed. in Curriculum Design and Development from National University, San Diego, California, in 2002. She is also a certified ACE personal fitness trainer.

  Being a wildlife, landscape, and nature photographer, Nicki has been passionate about photography since childhood. Her goal has been to capture wildlife in their natural habitats and tell their stories. Nicki’s photos capture wildlife in their natural habitats, have been photographed on all seven (7) continents, and her work has been featured in Fodor’s travel guides, gallery shows, and coffee table books.

  Capturing different lifestyles, wildlife, and landscapes is what drives her passion. Nicki likes to get up close and personal to capture candid moments of life. She hopes to keep expanding her portfolio by traveling the world. 

  She is the author of three other travel-inspired books: “Family Trip To Magical Madagascar And Beyond,” “Holy Cow!!,” and “Bianca’s Big Adventure.”

  “Who’s Yawning Now?” by Nicki Geigert is available via her web page. Order two (2) of her books with a shipping and handling fee of a total of ten dollars ($10), and will include a free book bag. For more discounts, order directly from Nicki Geigert. Also, do not miss Nicki’s book-signing session at the Tucson Festival of Books and have a chat with her potential readers.