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Living a God-centered life is a goal for many believers, who like to stay in God’s lane and follow His will.

Many believers live a God-centered life as it makes them feel more secured with their lives. They know that God is real and is always with them one prayer away. Living a God-centered life should keep us guided with our life trajectory.

Tony Antonellis’s For the Love of God: An Approach to Peace, Coexistence, Community, and Truth is a faith-based book that calls all humans to come together under the one thing that connects everyone – God. This though-provoking book analyzes the world’s greatest religions, and provides an understanding on the topic about God. This book also presents the author’s theory of “God-centeredness” in which he believes that everyone exalts one God.

Here are indications that one is living a God-centered life:

Praying and Studying God’s Word

Living a God-centered life is prioritizing a time for prayer and study for God’s word. This act allows one to learn and understand more of God’s presence and His glory. Since we have been living in a digital world, we tend to get easily distracted by the screen lights. People get lost in the world of social media, streaming services, jobs, and even other family members that hinder their daily goals.

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A God-centered life allows one to give priority in praying to talk to God, reading, studying, and meditating on scripture to stay connected with God. One who lives by the Word of God will prioritize a little time daily for God.

Regular Confessions

Because Satan has his ways of getting hold of us all, we sometimes get tempted to do the wrong things when we are blinded by the temptations. When this happens, we sin. With this, we seek forgiveness from God daily. Praying and confessing our sins gives us a sense of being cleansed from the dirt of sins we used to do. Confessions also give us a thought of staying away from the sins.

Serving the Local Church

A person who lives a God-centered life is someone who serves God above all else. Serving the local church also helps one to stay closer to God. If you find it hard to find time to pray and study the gospel, you can always allot a time to serve the church, where you can still meditate, pray, and learn about the Word of God. Plus, it is a place where you can listen and share testimonies about how great the Lord is.

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Practicing Generosity

Be a good steward of resources! It is in the Bible that everything we have today is a gift from God. Our talents, wealth, and health all come from the Almighty. Cultivate these gifts to share them with everyone in need. A God-centered life will direct you to be a better person by sharing what’s for you with others and letting them experience the greatest blessings you have.

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Remember the Good News of the Gospel

When living a God-centered life, you always get challenged by temptations and negativity. With this, you must remember the good news of the gospel to dispel all the negativity away. It is not always easy to live a God-centered life, but you might need to maintain it by living better. The gospel will always guide you to the lighter side of things.

As earthly beings, we need guidance from the scriptures to stay connected with God. So, practicing a God-centered life should let us see a better direction in our life trajectory.

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