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Learning how to create a fairer society is needed since global inequality is still growing, dividing communities in the North and the South.

Dennis Joiner, author of LET THE PLAYING FIELD LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD, wishes for the world to have a fairer society. We can start learning about it by reading his book about for curious mature minds. In Dennis’ book, important ideas to better society can be found within its pages.

With that in mind, let’s look at some solutions we can use to create a fairer world society.

Solution #1: Improve the Taxation We Are Currently Experiencing

Policies in several nations have demonstrated that addressing the tax system can help lessen economic disparities. The introduction of a progressive income tax is the first remedy. This entails setting various tax rates based on personal income to enable a more equitable contribution to state coffers.

Reducing tax loopholes is the second alternative. This allows for increased tax revenue collection and gives the government additional resources to utilize to carry out social protection initiatives.

In a similar vein, enacting tax evasion prevention measures is one approach to make up for lost revenue and potentially reduce household tax burden.

Solution #2: Promote Female Access to Contraception

Fertility is one of the main factors contributing to gender inequality in a number of global locations. In Sub-Saharan Africa, for example, women are frequently married off at a young age or become pregnant while still in school. Consequently, they lose out on career possibilities and amass less human capital.

Giving them the ability to regulate their fertility by providing free access to contraceptive treatments is the solution. However, the issue remains unresolved if the husband or society adopts an antagonistic stance. As such, we must send a positive message along with the contraceptive distribution.

We must highlight the significance of women being able to dedicate themselves to activities other than having children. If we were to learn how to create a fairer society, we must give women access to contraceptives. Dennis Joiner’s book about for curious mature minds would agree with this. It’s a great solution to create fairer societies.

Solution #3: Give Everyone Good-Quality Education

People with access to school are more likely to be employed and make a good living. An ill-designed school system is not built from the ground up to alleviate inequality; it may exacerbate it. Above all, a high-quality education necessitates having enough qualified teachers.

Bringing together students who come from a wide array of backgrounds and places of origin also dispels the preconceptions perpetuated in textbooks and promotes social diversity. Ensuring that education fees are reasonable is another way to help people access the system. This particularly helps poor families, giving them the chance they need.

Solution #4: Make Social Protection Better for Everyone

Another way to lessen inequality is to develop (or improve) social protection initiatives. The goal is to redistribute some wealth to help the most vulnerable communities. Those who can benefit from it are mothers, people in poor health, the poor, the unemployed, pensioners, the disabled, etc.

Globally, social protection is still a long way off. 4 billion people do not receive any financial assistance, according to a new International Labor Organization (ILO) research.

Learn More About How to Create a Fairer Society

A fairer society is what everyone needs. Dennis Joiner understands this, which is why his book about for curious mature minds is much appreciated. Let’s welcome a better society for all in the future!

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