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Discovering how to promote freedom of speech is important because it is everyone’s right to express themselves via words or texts written on paper or cardboard.

If we don’t partake in free speech, what happens is that this freedom is going to be constantly abused. The importance of freedom of expression is super valuable because it is why we can say what’s on our minds, what we feel, our ideals, and more. Without it, a book about federal corruption in America, like the one author LeRoy Cossette (American Insanity), would be silenced.

Today, we’ll be looking at how you’ll be able to promote freedom of speech on the campus you’re studying in.

1. Write an Op-ed

You can pique interest in any topic and use your right to free speech by speaking up on campus. Writing op-eds is a great way to encourage your school to embrace the Chicago Statement or to do away with any limiting (and potentially unconstitutional) free speech zones.

2. Organize a Protest—but Make Sure It’s a Peaceful One

Leading or participating in a protest is a tried-and-true method to get your opinion heard on campus. Protests on college campuses have frequently taken the lead in the push for social change.

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3. Put a Spotlight on Your Campus’s Speech Codes

Approximately fifty percent of all American colleges and universities still have restrictions in place as of 2016 that restrict students’ freedom of speech. The first step in altering these harmful policies and raising awareness of them throughout your campus is realizing they exist.

4. Create a Student Group That Is Based on Your Campus

One method to further the principles of free speech, candid communication, and rights for students on campus is to start a club. Registered student organizations may be able to obtain financing. They can make reservations for university buildings and invite guest lecturers, contingent upon your school’s restrictions.

This is a great method of how to promote freedom of speech. With this one, you can help improve the freedom of speech. Aside from that, protecting freedom of expression and information is a lot easier with this. Sharing some insights from LeRoy Cossette’s book about federal corruption in America helps out, too.

5. Give Away Some Pocket Constitutions

The best method to initiate a discussion about student rights with the staff, administration, and student body at your campus is to hand out pocket-sized Constitutions. Make sure to inform students that they are safeguarded by the freedoms outlined in the Constitution if you work at a public university.

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6. Invite a Speaker to Give a Speech at Your Campus

Invite a professional speaker to address concerns about freedom of speech or the legal process at your institution. As an alternative, consider hosting politically diverse speakers on campus. This provides you and the community with a range of viewpoints on significant subjects.

7. Start an Independent Student Newspaper

Is there a student-run, independent newspaper at your school? If not, get one going! Independent newspapers are a great venue for candid conversations on campus. What makes independent newspapers work is the fact that they’re not subject to censorship or administrative control.

8. Host an Event Within Your Campus

Events are a fantastic method to raise awareness of and support for any cause. It also helps educate your campus communities on the value of freedom of speech along with due process rights on campus.

9. Articulate the Values of Freedom of Speech

Make a statement outlining the institution’s principles to the public. Emphasize that the academic goal is centered on free speech and inclusivity. Portray the declaration as an obligatory set of values to which the organization is firmly devoted.

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Apply What You’ve Learned About How to Promote Freedom of Speech

Now that you know about some tips on promoting freedom of speech on your campus, be sure to apply some of them. Good luck with liberating the voices of everyone on your campus, including yours!

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