ReadersMagnet Review recommends these inspiring memoirs as perfect Christmas gifts this holiday season.

The End of Night by Paul Bogard

Our list begins with a unique adventure narrative from Paul Bogard. The End of the Night: Searching for Natural Darkness in an Age of Artificial Light is an adventure memoir about the beauty of night lights in their natural wonder. Bogard takes readers from the brightest single spot on this planet- Las Vegas’ Luxor Beam to the majestic spots where nights are lit by stars and other natural sources of light. In a world where three-quarters of Americans’ eyes never experience night vision and natural darkness, The End of the Night opens our eyes to an amazing human experience we ought to try at least once in our lifetime. This holiday season, it can be good to break away from the hustle and bustle of the city lights and appreciate nature’s night lights.

The End of the Rainbow by James Forker

James Forker’s memoir is a story of true love and a family’s journey through leukemia. But if you read The End of the Rainbow, you will discover several things that will truly inspire you. James and Jen’s love story is a remarkable journey of finding the girl of his dreams only to discover that she’s married and then years later, learning that she is free. It’s destiny. Unfortunately, it seems that James is also destined to lose Jen to terminal cancer, leaving him to care for their children. The End of the Rainbow reminds us that family, love, faith, and sincerity are the true wealth in this world. Even though there are things we don’t want to happen, life still works in ways that put everything in place. The End of the Rainbow will remind you to hope, accept, and love truly and passionately.

10% Happier by Dan Harris

Dan Harris is a retired journalist for ABC News and former Nightline anchor and co-anchor for Good Morning America. Dan became extra famous after a nationally televised panic attack. On a warm morning in June 2004, while being on air for his news update on Good Morning America, Dan suddenly found himself unable to breathe, his heart racing, and his palms sweating. This was a life-changing moment for him. Dan was a workaholic in his younger years and began using recreational drugs to self-medicate his anxiety and depression. 10% Happier is a book on his realization, getting sober, and finding the essential things that genuinely make a person happy. It is a perfect inspiring story you can gift your loved ones this Christmas.

Between Two Kingdoms by Suleika Jaouad

Between Two Kingdoms: A Memoir of a Life Interrupted is a story of overcoming adversities, keeping the faith, and embracing uncertainty. Suleika Jaouad’s story is a chronicle in a column for the New York Times before publishing it in a book early this year. Another bittersweet memoir on our list, Between Two Kingdoms, takes us to Jaouad’s journey from a promising life post-college to a discovery that would change her life and shatter her dreams. A few weeks away from her twenty-third birthday, Jaouad was diagnosed with leukemia. Her book documents how she lost everything (job, apartment, dream trip, and freedom). Jaouad spent 1,500 days clinging to life and finally walking out of the cancer ward, not knowing what lies ahead but still grateful for a second chance at life.

 Christmas Memoirs by Lisa Ann Bargeman

Last but not least in our list of inspiring memoirs is Lisa Ann Bargeman’s Christmas Memoirs. In this 2005 Yuletide classic, Bargeman takes us to different Christmases throughout history in the words of the people who lived them. Christmas Memoirs: a Family Treasury is a collection of vignettes about the pleasantries of Christmas in varying eras based on the true story of one family. If you love strolling down “Memory Lane,” then this book is perfect for you. It can also be a perfect holiday present as the book certainly brings out the Christmas spirit in its readers, someone you love. The good thing about Lisa Ann Bargeman’s Christmas Memoirs is that it is non-denominational and will undoubtedly appeal to anyone who loves the Yuletide season.