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Traditional Stories: Heritage of Humanity

A Traditional story is the kind of story that transcends both fiction and nonfiction. It can also include an animal story with moral lessons. Stories come in different means. They can be based on actual life events, or they can be entirely made up. These two...

Social-Emotional Development in Children

Parents have learned to enhance social and literacy development in Rosella's book. But beyond this material, how else can they be assured that their children learn to grow socially and emotionally. Parents initially focus on making their children excel in academics...

Non-Fiction Books That Can Accompany You at Times of Hopelessness

Non-Fiction Books That Can Accompany You at Times of Hopelessness

Facing struggles and feeling hopeless can be two of the most isolating experiences. When you’re feeling down, it’s easier to think that you’re alone and the world is turning its back against you. When you’re in the situation, it might feel like you have nobody to turn...

Four Non-fable Books Starring Animals

Animals are a staple in children’s book. Not only do they give color and flavor to the world in the story, they also make it very attractive to its target audience, the children. This literary device has probably get its origins from the old fables. Fables which are...

Four Books Dealing with PTSD

Four Books Dealing with PTSD

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD is not a trivial matter. It is a psychiatric disorder that can and has destroyed lives. It was first discovered during World War I and known then as “shell shock,” “war neurosis,” or “combat stress.” World War II then referred to...

Law Enforcement and Books: Four Books for Cops by Cops

Law Enforcement and Books: Four Books for Cops by Cops

The job of law enforcement is tricky. Day in and day out, your life is at risk. It is an occasional hazard and a small price to pay to serve the public and protect the peace. Simply, It is not an occupation that is not hard. In some ways, the work of a law enforcement...