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ReadersMagnet Review is a repository of various stories and interests reviewed by ReadersMagnet. In line with our commitment to sharing stories with the world, ReadersMagnet Review aims to provide our visitors with our own detailed and comprehensive storytelling of things, events, ideas, and narratives that we think are worth reading about.


ReadersMagnet Review hopes to gather anything from books, artworks, articles, news, music, and other human interests. We hope to examine them thoroughly so that we may come up with a fair assessment of each featured subject and provide our audience with a sound recommendation.


More importantly, it is our vision that ReadersMagnet Review will be able to build a community of individuals with shared interests and love for anything worth sharing with the world.

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ReadersMagnet Review: The Secret Empress by Frank R. Heller

The Secret Empress is a fast-paced action thriller by author Frank R. Heller. Action thrillers are always enjoyable, especially if high-octane reads with suspense and mystery are in the plot. In the past, action thriller such as Lee Child’s Jack Reacher, Jack Carr’s...

ReadersMagnet Review: Cyberbrain: Guardian Angelby Benoit Blanchard

The latest segment of “Author’s Corner” in America Tonight with Kate Delaney features Canadian author Benoit Blanchard, author of the sci-fi/fantasy thriller Cyberbrain: Guardian Angel (FriesenPress; 2020). Cyberbrain: Guardian Angel dazzles as a sci-fi novel with...

ReadersMagnet Review: My Spiritual Journey by LaPrele P. Jordan

LaPrele Jordan is popular for the way she inspires and enhances the spirituality of readers through her words. Just last year, she published a work that centers on her experiences in embracing the Mormon faith and everything in between. Let us get to know more about...

ReadersMagnet Review: Favorite Family Recipes by Kathryn Coltrin

Favorite Family Recipes is another amazing book by Kathryn Coltrin, author of Inspired From My Heart. Just recently, we introduced readers to Kathryn Coltrin and her book Inspired From My Heart. The book is a collection of poems about the author’s personal journey and...

ReadersMagnet Review: Gerald L. Nardella

ReadersMagnet Review: Gerald L. Nardella

ReadersMagnet Review features Gerald L. Nardella is the author of the novel Playing Hurt, a coming-of-age story set in the 1960s. Author Gerald L. Nardella is no stranger to ReadersMagnet. Since last year, we have featured articles about his work and have included his...

ReadersMagnet Review: The Ladybug and the Bully Frog by Caroleann Rice

ReadersMagnet Review: The Ladybug and the Bully Frog by Caroleann Rice

ReadersMagnet takes a close look at Caroleann Rice’s second book from her Solomon the Snail series. Caroleann Rice is known for her children’s book stories featuring animal characters. So far, she has published three children’s illustrated books, and each one features...

ReadersMagnet Review: The Book Of It by Scott Rahn

ReadersMagnet Review: The Book Of It by Scott Rahn

ReadersMagnet Review takes a close look at Scott Rahn’s The Book of It. The past few decades have produced modern theories, interpretations, and historical researches. Many of these published works are products of personal research and various attempts to revise...

Five Books to Spur a Love of Animals in Curious Kids

Five Books to Spur a Love of Animals in Curious Kids

Kids are exceptionally active thinkers. From an early age, they're running around inventing and discovering something new— at least to them. It's crucial that you support and challenge them every day to grow their intellect and further their curiosity. How children...

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