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ReadersMagnet Review is a repository of various stories and interests reviewed by ReadersMagnet. In line with our commitment to sharing stories with the world, ReadersMagnet Review aims to provide our visitors with our own detailed and comprehensive storytelling of things, events, ideas, and narratives that we think are worth reading about.


ReadersMagnet Review hopes to gather anything from books, artworks, articles, news, music, and other human interests. We hope to examine them thoroughly so that we may come up with a fair assessment of each featured subject and provide our audience with a sound recommendation.


More importantly, it is our vision that ReadersMagnet Review will be able to build a community of individuals with shared interests and love for anything worth sharing with the world.

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ReadersMagnet Review: Alina’s Revenge by Greg Van Arsdale

Revenge can be a dangerous thing, especially when it is groomed and nurtured. It can make people feel intense emotions and do awful things. But vengeance doesn’t appear randomly, there must be a history behind the dangerous goal turned into action.  And that’s...

ReadersMagnet Review: Beyond Mere Belief by Greg Van Arsdale

Beyond Mere Belief is an attempt by Greg Van Arsdale to further enlighten readers about the concept of dual-energy, taking science to another level then merging it with theology to achieve one universal concept- Humanity’s end goal. Beyond Mere Belief by Greg Van...

ReadersMagnet Review: Grandpa Nick’s Bump by Lynda Daniele

ReadersMagnet takes a look at Lynda Daniele’s heartwarming tale Grandpa Nick’s Bump. Most children’s books are about fairy tales, adventures, fables, and other stories that speak of joyful and funny moments. They usually contain elements of magic, speaking animals,...

ReadersMagnet Review: Sitting on Jesus’s Lap by Troy Louis

Troy Louis’s Sitting On Jesus’s Lap is an inspirational book published in 2018. The Holy Bible is not only the sacred book of Christians, but it is also a book filled with stories and moral lessons. In it, you will find guidance, nourishment, and wisdom. For many...

ReadersMagnet Review: Five Books About Madagascar

ReadersMagnet Review: Five Books About Madagascar

Madagascar is an island country rich in history, biodiversity, and culture. Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world, and we do not know a lot about this African nation that is home to rich biodiversity, majestic trees, and weird rock formation. Here are...

ReadersMagnet Review: Quirky Animal Stories

ReadersMagnet Review: Quirky Animal Stories

Charlotte’s Web  Charlotte’s Web is a classic children’s illustrated book by famous American writer E.B. White. It follows the story of Wilbur the pig and his unlikely friendship with a barn spider named Charlotte. Like most livestock pig, Wilbur is being raised...

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