Who wouldn’t want to snuggle in bed with your cat and a good book in one hand? Everybody loves spending time with our feline furbabies, just as much as they love spending time with us. Our beloved kitties add so much entertainment, love, and meaning to our lives— it’s only natural to want to read more paw-some books about these lovely creatures. It doesn’t matter if you prefer common breeds or more exotic ones; these feline characters from these books will make you fall even more deeply in love with cats! Without further ado, let’s take a look at these great finds below. 

Get Your Butt Off My Face by Rosa Silva

Cats can be curious critters with odd behaviors that leave most people mystified, entertained, or annoyed. Nevertheless, these habits make us love these furry balls more. Rosa Silva’s Get Your Butt Off My Face is a playful and comical book that every cat person out there would love. This book will make you appreciate the quirks and strange behaviors these fur babies’ exhibit, from sitting on top of your laptop to shoving their butts to your face. Get Your Butt Off My Face dives deep into the feline nature and exasperating behavior. This laugh-out-loud book offers hilarious insight into the shenanigans of cats regaled in clever rhymes and funny anecdotes. 

William and Tibby Forever by Lynda Hamblen

A proud cat mom herself, Lynda Hamblen presents a tale of two cat siblings born for thrilling adventures and fantastic life. William and Tibby Forever tell the adventures and misadventures of these real-life cat siblings raised by Hamblen herself. This fun retelling of William, Tibbu, and their Second Mom will make you appreciate your cats more and spend time with them as much as you can. Hamblen shares to readers the heartache of losing a beloved member of your family. William and Tibby will teach you that life is not all about joy but sorrow, too. Learn that whenever there is an ending, there is also a beginning. Written in the cat’s viewpoint about life on earth and in heaven by Lynda Hamblen to see the world as to how these cats see it. 

James Herriot’s Cat Stories by James Herriot

Being a veterinarian for more than 50 years, James Herriot has met many animals in his life, but he finds feline creatures truly interesting. He has treated a wide range of animals but met and befriended many devoted cat owners. James Herriot releases his first book, James Herriot’s Cat Stories, after retiring from his practice. This book is filled with tales and short stories of cats he met throughout his career. Herriot gained notoriety for his humorous and deeply felt stories recounting his experiences. Between the covers and illustrations within this book, amazing tales will warm and delight readers’ hearts out there. Each story is as memorable and heartwarming as the last. Each story is told with a magical blend of wit and human compassion that will leave you wanting more stories. 

The Fur Person by May Sarton 

Another book told from the perspective of a cat is The Fur Person, written by May Sarton. The world is truly terrifying; how much more terrifying can it be for a helpless, stray cat? The Fur Person follows the story of a cat and his journey from a stray to a “fur person.” After being a stray for so long, he decided to be a gentleman cat and find a forever home. His first attempts were discouraging, but still, he persevered to find his home. And finally, he became the fur person when he found the home set for home. This exciting story is drawn from the true adventures of Sarton’s own cat. 

The Guest Cat by Takashi Hiraide

Acclaimed Japanese poet Takashi Hiraide presents The Guest Cat to many cat lovers in the world. This novel follows a visiting cat who brought joy to a couple’s life in Tokyo. This couple is in their thirties, working from home, but with a disintegrating relationship. They have not much to say to one another until a cat invites itself into their small kitchen. Day after day, this cat visits, and soon they grow accustomed to the presence of this feline. Life suddenly shifted for the couple. Their days have become more colorful and light. The Guest Cat is a story that brims on the small joys and moments we have in life.