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The Importance of Attending a National Book Fair

Attending a national book fair content distribution can be a rewarding experience for self-published authors who want to make a name for themselves in their chosen genre.

ReadersMagnet Review: A Law from Eden by Marilyn Taplin

Marilyn Taplin broke into the Christian book marketplace in 2017 with her book A Law from Eden: Solving the Mystery of Original Sin(Archway Publishing). The book discusses the moral conditions of the world and shares insight into the mysteries of original...

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ReadersMagnet Review: Literature and Health

Literature plays a vital role not only in educating readers about health and medicine but also in appreciating health workers and medical practitioners. The Value of Books on Health and Care Books that tackle health, medicine, and medical practice are essential in...

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ReadersMagnet Review: Murder Mystery Books by JB Clemmens

ReadersMagnet Review: Murder Mystery Books by JB Clemmens

Author JB Clemmens is known for her murder mystery novels especially the Lieutenant James Mysteries. JB Clemmens is a murder mystery novelist known for her detective stories and thrillers. Her most famous body of work is the Lieutenant James Mysteries, a collection of...

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Memoirs That Feature Historical Crises

Historical memoirs carry lessons that are still significant to this very day. Memoirs are not only records of a certain person’s experience, history, and lessons. At times, memoirs also reflect the times and society the person was born into. They offer us a glimpse of...

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