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The Importance of Attending a National Book Fair

Attending a national book fair content distribution can be a rewarding experience for self-published authors who want to make a name for themselves in their chosen genre.

Books on Tolerance and Other Anti-Bullying Literature

Throughout history, works of literature have spoken about strongly against prejudice, intolerance, and bullying. Today, literature continues to be at the forefront of fighting racism, hatred, and bullying. Today’s modern and civilized societies still struggle with the...

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5 Inspirational Books to Read This Lenten Season

The Lenten Season is just around the corner (February 26 marks the start of Lent). It is a good time to reflect and spend time with oneself. One way to spend the Lent season is to read inspirational stories. We prepared five books that we think are worth reading this...

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ReadersMagnet Review: Gabriella Eva Nagy Children’s Books

Everybody loves children’s books. At one point in our lives, we read these stories and wish to be a part of them. Let’s get to know one of today’s master storyteller, Gabriella Eva Nagy. Gabriella Eva Nagy is one of the leading children’s book authors today. She...

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ReadersMagnet Review: 5 Sci-Fi Reads for 2020

The success of Andy Weir’s The Martian opened new opportunities for self-published sci-fi novels with various themes and styles. The last decade has produced great for sci-fi novels, especially from self-published authors. A Latent Dark by Martin Kee, The Interstellar...

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ReadersMagnet Review: Then Sings My Soul by Doreen Hatton

How does one recover from a tragic loss? How does one learn to accept death and move on? Doreen Hatton’s Then Sings My Soul paints a vivid picture of acceptance and forgiveness. Then Sings My Soul is a book written by Christian writer Doreen Hatton. Published in...

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