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ReadersMagnet Review is a repository of various stories and interests reviewed by ReadersMagnet. In line with our commitment to sharing stories with the world…

The Importance of Attending a National Book Fair

Attending a national book fair content distribution can be a rewarding experience for self-published authors who want to make a name for themselves in their chosen genre.

Inspirational Books to Start the Year

ReadersMagnet recommends these five inspirational books to start your year right. Becoming by Michelle Obama Becoming is a memoir by former First Lady of the United States of America, Michelle Obama. It was published in 2018. Michelle Obama is one of the most...

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Interesting Personal Stories for Kids to Read This January

Here’s our list of personal stories for young readers this January. Leaving China by James McMullan James McMullan is an Irish illustrator and designer of theatrical posters. His works have been featured in many American magazines and in best–selling illustrated...

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How Does it Feel to Be Sitting on Jesus’s Lap?

Most Christians have at least one general impression of Jesus. "Jesus is the Son of God." "Jesus is the Savior of the world." "Jesus is King." "Jesus is the greatest gift from the Father." "Jesus is the fulfillment of God's will." "Jesus is the way to the Father."...

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American Political Thrillers to Read This January 2021

Here is ReadersMagnet’s list of recommended Political Thrillers to start the year 2021. The Terminal List by Jack Carr Jack Carr is a former Navy SEAL and author of best selling novels whose themes revolve around political and military thrillers. One of his...

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Benefits of Line Editing

You probably have known by now that there are different kinds of editing but are not familiar with all of them. The common terms that you may have heard in the publishing community would be copyediting and proofreading. The mentioned kinds are the basic services that...

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ReadersMagnet Review: Neil Griffen on God and Spirituality

ReadersMagnet Review revisits Neil Griffen’s work on God and spirituality. In the past months, we have featured articles about author Neil Griffen as well as his published book From Science to Spirituality. Published in January 2010, the book is a part journal and...

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