Learning and adventure come together

Are you into about adventure books that not only fill you with details about sights, places, and people but also make you part of the travel experience and increase your cultural empathy? Make sure to check out photographer and travel writer Nicki Geigert’s line of adventure books.

Nicki combines her passion for photography with her wanderlust to create intimate, awe-inspiring photos and teaching experience to share compelling stories to accompany her pictures. Her narratives are richly descriptive and engaging that anyone who has read her book would feel like they are traveling with her as they read. And isn’t that what travel or adventure books are supposed to do? 

Nicki’s adventure books endear readers, particularly aspiring travelers, to the places she had traveled to and the cultures she had experienced. Through her stories, readers feel like they have become one with the place and its people. They learn to love and respect their culture and customs and, above all, call for the conservation of ecosystems and protection of the endemics species of different regions of the world. 

What are the titles in Nicki’s line of adventure books? 

Family Trip To Magical Madagascar And Beyond

The travel photobook captures a 2014 family adventure of a lifetime on magical Madagascar, which is situated off the southeast coast of Africa and the fourth largest island in the world. Family Trip To Magical Madagascar And Beyondabounds with photographs of the unique animals of Madagascar, particularly lemurs, reptiles, and moths, natural landscape, and people and culture in action. Among the photographs are two that Nicki took of the endemic baobab trees along the famed Alley of the Baobabs during a sunset and the Lover’s Baobab Tree. Nicki also tucked in photographs she took during a brief visit in Harare, Zimbabwe. 

Holy Cow!!

Nicki had visited India some time ago and took a handful of pictures, which were enough to merit another travel photobook, titled Holy Cow!!. The book was titled because, according to Nicki, “no matter where you go, you will always see the cows, always present, always there, somewhere.” The cows are holy in India, but “many cows are not owned by anyone, and are not only not fed properly but are left to exist on grain or ceremonial flowers from some worshipper, or trash, which is primarily comprised of plastics and paper.” 

Bianca’s Big Adventure

The book is a “photo journey” about a teenager who just graduates from high school, with a dream of being a wildlife conservationist. She takes her first international trip to Australia, where learns a thing or two about protecting and preserving endangered animal species. 

Other Books 

A retired childhood motor development consultant, Nicki had worked for many years in the field of education. She co-published a book Read! Move! Learn! Active Learning for Active Children, which is “a teacher resource that brings new energy and richness to storytime”. The book is also designed to address the issue of the health and wellness of young children. 

About Nicki Geigert

Nicki Geigertreceived her B.S. in Physical Education degree from Washington State University, Pullman, WA in 1969 and M.S. Ed. In Curriculum Design and Development from National University, San Diego, CA in 2002. She is also a certified ACE personal fitness trainer. 

She has been passionate about photography since childhood. She stands out as a landscape and nature photographer, whose photos capture wildlife in their natural habitats. Capturing different lifestyles, wildlife, and landscapes are what drives her passion. Nicki likes to get up close and personal to capture the candid moments of life. She has photographed on all seven continents, and her work has also been featured in gallery shows, and travel guides. She hopes to keep traveling the world and expanding her portfolio.