Science-fiction narratives always provide for a good read. They offer thrilling adventures and expand our imagination. Adventures in sci-fi mixed with a little archaeology, what could go wrong?

America Tonight with Kate Delaney features Len Stage. Len Stage is the author of the sci-fi thriller The Brotherhood of the Wone. The 12-minute talk features highlights and information about the author as well as his latest novel. The Brotherhood of the Wone was published in June 2019. This radio interview gives us a peek of the Len Stage’s unique new book.

A Unique Sci-fi Story

 The interview begins with Len Stage giving a detailed background of his book. The Brotherhood of the Wone tells the story of Lon, a handyman who lives in a small town. A smart and creative technician, his quiet life is disturbed by a visit by Jean Conway. Jean Conway is the daughter of the town’s museum owner. Conway offers Lon a job as a fix-it man and takes him to Belize. In Belize, Jean found a strange-looking Mayan priest robe. This discovery led them to an adventure that involves archaeology, history, and magic.

America Tonight with Kate Delaney featuring Len Stage.

Veteran host and author Kate Delaney commented that The Brotherhood of the Wone is sci-fi meets the Indian Jones.

In the latter part of Delaney’s interview, Len revealed that he did not expect to write a book. He worked at various jobs and did manual labor and never really thought he could write a book because he has dyslexia. He struggled with this condition for most of his childhood until he met a teacher who taught her how to manage things eventually. Len Stage finished school and with the help of modern computer technology, Len was able to develop and pursue a passion for writing stories.

Stage’s Future Plans

In the interview, Len also discussed, in part, his other works as well as his plans in writing a sequel.

“I’m going to start as soon as things light up a little bit…and I’m gonna start writing the other book. I’ve already started taking notes on what I’m going to do, how I’m gonna do it, and what I’m going to say in the other book.”

Len went on to describe the setting plot for the second book. The Brotherhood of the Wone is something that sci-fi and adventure readers will enjoy.

About the Author

Len Stage is married with three kids. He currently resides in North Idaho. The Brotherhood of the Wone is inspired by a short story written by his youngest son a few years back. 

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