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Author’s Corner hosted Paul Trittin for America Tonight with Kate Delaney. Paul Trittin is the author of Jacobus: A Eunuch’s Faith, Book 1: The Apprentice. ReadersMagnet Review would like to share this one-of-a-kind radio interview with Paul Trittin.

There is a right time for everything

What makes this interview truly amazing is that from start to finish, Delaney and Trittin has the listeners glued.

The interview begins with a revelation. For more than 60 years of his life, Paul hid his true personality as a gay man. He decided to come out around the age of 65. Facing disappointment and abandonment from friends and family, he thought he made the right decision. Before his coming out of the closet, Paul became a missionary, a teacher, and worked for religious organizations.

Despite his family turning back on him and feeling a sense of disappointment over a brief period of time, Paul realized that the pain he felt before disappeared. With God’s grace, he felt a renewed vigor and excitement in life together with his husband. This newfound inspiration allowed Paul Trittin to finally write something that is based on his own life experiences as well as those of his gay friends.

Paul further explains,

“What I’ve done in writing the book Jacobus was to reflect on so many of the experiences that I had in my life and many of my other gay friends who are pained like I am, caught between two worlds. And I thought, well, ‘how can I write something that is not in-your-face but yet can teach people the art of sympathy, the art of caring, the art of compassion for others who are different than themselves and that goes for both sides of the discussion. And so I took many, little vignettes of my own life and wound back two thousand years to put it in the life of a young man, in the Roman Empire period.”

A Wonderful yet Subtle Allegory

Choosing subtlety, Paul Trittin chose to tell his story using a different timeline (Roman Empire era) and a unique character in Jacobus. Jacobus is the son of a powerful maritime trader. He is also a twin brother to Josephus. Their mother died giving birth to them in 14 A.D. which is one of the primary reasons why they are largely ignored by their father and their older siblings.

Because of this harsh treatment, the twins learn to bond together and building their own shelter against and even creating their own mode of communication. Because of these external conditions, the brothers developed romantic feelings towards each other. Eventually, their father found out and decided to split them up. Jacobus was sent to the sea to learn the family’s maritime trading business while Josephus was trained on how to run the warehouses as well as further study the art of linguistics. This decision left the young Jacobus sad but also excited at the idea of seeing the real world.

Soon enough, Jacobus learned to live apart from his twin. His adventures at sea taught him to embrace his new family and to love unconditionally. He also developed his own values as well as encounter new adventures and romance.

Lessons of Sympathy and Tolerance

Another major idea that The Pursuit of Personal Renaissance: Finding Opportunities for Happiness in the Ever Present Now promotes is living in the moment. Delaney and the author, Dr. Peter Justus discussed how doing things perfunctorily without truly understanding or appreciating what is you do or why you do it, somehow leaves us feeling empty. According to Dr. Justus, most of us do things for the “reward” without knowing who we are while doing the process leading to that goal or reward. This mindset tends to take away the essence of what we do and along the way leaves us wondering for what reason do we do these things. He notes that only by understanding how and why we do things can we truly achieve a sense of fulfillment and eventually, happiness.

Paul explains in vivid detail certain elements of the book such as the setting and how the characters are and what values they hold. Set in the period of the Roman Empire with strong elements of Judeo-Indian and Christian faith, the book promises to be an interesting adventure not only for those who are into the period narrative but also for those who are curious about how homosexuals and repressed individuals practiced their faith during these times. Furthermore, Trittin hopes to impart to listeners and future readers the value of sympathy and tolerance not only for people like him but vice versa. For each and everyone to embrace one another regardless of sexual orientation, nationality, creed or religion. Overall, Paul has done a wonderful discussion during his talk with the veteran host Kate Delaney.

Kate Delaney’s interview with Paul Trittin certainly was not only a pleasant revelation but also gave the listeners a glimpse of what the readers can gain from his books. Jacobus: A Eunuch’s Faith, Book 1 The Apprentice promises to be a great adventure and a life-changing read as well.

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