ReadersMagnet earned its first Better Business Bureau accreditation exactly one year ago.

ReadersMagnet Review takes a look back at the start of a beautiful partnership. Throughout its three years of existence, ReadersMagnet Self-Publishing has worked hard to build its reputation. Finally, its commitment and passion for helping aspiring authors paid off as it received an acknowledgment from Better Business Bureau.

What is Better Business Bureau?

The Better Business Bureau, or BBB, is a non-profit and non-governmental organization founded in 1912. Its declared goal is to enhance marketplace trust. BBB has 106 independent local BBB organizations spread across the United States and Canada, coordinated by the Council of Better Business Bureaus (CBBB) based in Arlington, Virginia. Better Business Bureau accredits 400,000 local firms and businesses.

Better Business Bureau employs BBB letter ratings in accrediting businesses, representing the bureau’s opinion of how a particular business is likely to interact with its customers. It is based on the information BBB collects about the business, from the business itself, and public information, whether they are positive or negative statements. BBB ratings range from A+ as the highest to F as the lowest.

More importantly, BBB’s influence has a wide coverage. As of 2018, BBB has 9,856 Business & Community Center visitors making it a top meeting destination with over 600 business meetings. It is also a trusted resource with over 8 million Business Profiles requested. Regarding media coverage, it has acquired 9.3k media mentions and 1.4 million social media impressions. Overall, BBB is an authority as far as business reputation and credibility are concerned.

With 49 978 scams reported and over 46,700 complaints closed, BBB is a solutions-oriented company.

2018 ReadersMagnet BBB Accreditation

In July 2018, Better Business Bureau (BBB) awarded ReadersMagnet an A- rating. It is the third-highest letter rating on the scale. The A- rating equals 90 to 93.99 points on its 100-point scoring scale. With the initial rating, ReadersMagnet was able to attract more customers and establish its online reputation. ReadersMagnet viewed this accreditation and the A- rating as an inspiration to provide quality publishing and marketing services to its customers. Despite suffering from malicious negative reviews and bad blogs, ReadersMagnet was able to clear its name with the help of BBB customer reviews and by facilitating complaints against ReadersMagnet and eventually closing these cases.

2019 ReadersMagnet BBB Accreditation

Early this year, ReadersMagnet scored another important BBB milestone. From its 2018 rating of A-, ReadersMagnet was awarded an A rating. It is a notch up from the previous and second-highest ratings in the BBB rating scale. This came when ReadersMagnet intensified its marketing campaigns, such as radio interviews and attending international book fairs. Last April, ReadersMagnet joined the 24th Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. It’s another first in terms of its book fair content distribution program. This upgraded rating helped solidify its reputation as a reliable publishing and book marketing partner.

Facilitating good customer relationships throughout the years

No company is ever perfect. ReadersMagnet, being a young company, also had its share of complaints. Throughout its infancy until now, BBB has always stood by ReadersMagnet by serving as a venue for arresting misunderstandings and settling disputes with several customers. On the other hand, it also helped increase our online credibility via its good customer reviews. Positive reviews from authors can be seen in ReadersMagnet’s BBB Profile. BBB also lends its reputation to ReadersMagnet by allowing these good reviews to keep coming. This evidently proves that ReadersMagnet is not a scam.

Onward to more pleasant Better Business Bureau reviews

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