When we think of wildlife, we think of Australia. Or koalas and kangaroos.

It’s hard to talk about wildlife and biodiversity without mentioning the lovely continent of Australia. For many of us, wildlife is synonymous with the county. Australia is home to unique wildlife and a high level of endemism (more than 80 percent of mammals, reptiles, and amphibians are endemic to Australia). To truly appreciate Australia and its wonders, we need to know more about its wildlife. Here are 5 books we can read about the region’s famous flora and fauna. 

Wildlife Australia by Steve Parish

Steve Parish is a well-known Australian photographer and publisher. His book Wildlife Australia is one of the most popular souvenir books that feature brilliant and exciting photographs of unique wild animals in the region. Wildlife Australia offers large color close-ups of various creatures found in Australia. Animals, birds, insects, reptiles all photographed by Steve Parish. The book is less than 100 hundred pages filled with photographs and text.

Bianca’s Big Adventure by Nicki Geigert

bianca's big adventure cover

Another interesting photo book that features Australia’s magnificent wildlife is Bianca’s Big Adventure by photographer and author Nicki Geigert. Bianca’s Big Adventure follows the journey of a teenager graduating from high school with a desire to someday become a wildlife conservationist. Bianca’s first trip to Australia enables her to learn firsthand what the country is doing to protect and preserve their endangered animal species. Bianca’s Big Adventure is an exciting educational read, especially for kids.

The Australian Animal Atlas by Leonard Cronin

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The Australian Animal Atlas by Leonard Cronin is the latest addition to a growing number of books on Australian wildlife. Cronin takes readers on a journey into a world of different habitats, parched deserts, lush rainforest and an ocean teeming with life. Get to know the fish that walks; be amazed by the sixth sense of the platypus; the deadly venom of the desert death adder; the strange table manners of the sea star. Enjoy the environmental atlas of Australian creatures by an expert team that is full of fascinating facts and brilliant illustrations.

Care of Australian Wildlife by Erna Walraven

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Our list would not be complete without including a book that seeks to educate readers on how important the Australian wildlife is. Erna Walraven’s Care of Australian Wildlife outlines the simple and practical ways we can make our backyards safe and friendly to wildlife. The book also teaches us how to safely handle and transport injured animals back to their habitats as well as how to feed, house, and treat their injuries. Care of Australian Wildlife serves as a handbook with useful contact details for the Wildlife Authorities and Products and Manufacturers. It also has a list of interesting websites that readers can visit.

Kangaroo Dreaming by Edward Kanze

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As I mentioned above, we cannot talk about Australia without mentioning wildlife or kangaroos. Edward Kanze’s Kangaroo Dreaming: An Australian Wildlife Odyssey takes us to an epic adventure through the Australian wildlife. The book not only features lovely landscapes but also allows readers an up-close view of koalas, Tasmanian devils, kangaroos, wallabies, and platypuses. These animals are synonymous with Australia. Kangaroo Dreaming features a nine-month, 25,000-mile journey with the author and his wife, Debbie. It is a well-written book rich with adventure, learnings, and inspiration.