The great African wildlife has always been a great source of inspiration and literature.

Whenever we hear the word ‘Africa’, we always think about animals, nature, and wildlife. The world’s second-largest continent, Africa is home to the world’s largest collection of wild animals such including lions, hyenas, cheetahs, camels, giraffes, buffalo, rhinos, snakes, and primates. Africa is also home to rich ecology systems and biodiversity. In short, life thrives in Africa. Let take a closer look at life and wildlife in the continent known as Mother of Mankind, through these five published books on African wildlife.

The Safari Companion by Richard D. Estes

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First published in 1993, The Safari Companion is one of the best field guides to observing the behavior of African mammals. The book allows readers to learn the visible behavioral activities of these mammals such as courtship rituals, territorial marking, aggression, and how they care for their young. The Safari Companion features over 80 species that include a behavioral table in which the unique actions of the hoofed mammals, carnivores, and primates are described for easy reference. If you are visiting Africa, you might find the book useful as it contains maps showing the major national boundaries, vegetation zones, several game parks, and an extensive glossary, as well as tips on wildlife photography, a list of organizations working to protect African wildlife, and advice on where and when to see the animals.

Africa’s Top Wildlife Countries by Mark W. Nolting

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If there is one explorer and author who know a great deal about the African Wildlife, it’s Mark W. Nolting. For over 30 years, Nolting traveled and researched the African continent. He has taken over 100 safari expeditions and gathered trip reports from thousands of travelers he has sent on safari via his tour company, Africa Adventure Company. He is considered as one of the top Africa Specialists on Earth by National Geographic Adventure Magazine. His book, Africa’s Top Wildlife Countries is a rare gem that highlights and compares wildlife reserves and other majestic attractions in the African continent. Mark W. Nolting effectively assists readers in choosing the best wildlife destinations and African experience by comparing travel options among all the top wildlife countries in Africa.

Family Trip to Magical Madagascar and Beyond by Nicki Geigert

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Family Trip to Magical Madagascar and Beyond by Nicki Geigert

Family Trip to Magical Madagascar and Beyond is a travel photography book by Nicki Geigert. Geigert is a photographer, explorer, and author. Published in November 2019, it showcases the stunning beauty of Madagascar wildlife and also a peak of Zimbabwe. Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world and is home to many exotic animals such as lemurs, fossas, aye-ayes, many species of plants, chameleons, and insects not commonly found in other parts of the planet. Madagascar also hosts many species of birds, non-poisonous reptiles, plants, and trees such as the Baobab tree. More than a book about a family trip to Madagascar, Geigert’s work is also a celebration of life, family, nature, people, and culture.

Fodor’s Essential South Africa by Fodor Travel Guides

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Fodor’s Travel has been operating for over 80 years. They are one of the leading experts in providing travel advice and recommendations. They have a staff of local writers who know about their respective local destinations (75,000 worldwide tour destinations). One of their latest books is the 2018 Fodor’s Essential South Africa: with The Best Safari Destinations (Travel Guide). The book features almost everything about the southernmost part of the African continent- from lions roaming freely in the vast game reserve in Kruger National Park, vineyards across the Cape Winelands to mountains, beaches, and dream safaris. It also includes tour recommendations and a glimpse of South Africa’s modern cities, art scene, and accommodations. 

East African Wildlife: A Visitor’s Guide by Philip Briggs

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From South Africa, let us travel to the eastern part of the continent with Philip Brigg’s 2016 travel guide East African Wildlife. The book provides readers a colorful overview of the vast variety of flora and fauna found in East Africa. Along with crisp photography and wonderful watercolor illustrations, we learn about the region’s natural habitats and the animals that roam the land and soar the skies including over 1,500 species of birds and butterflies. The book also highlights two of the major wildlife of the region- the famous game reserves of Serengeti and the Maasai Mara. Philip Brigg’s East African Wildlife is a valuable guide and an educational read for readers of all ages.