Holy Cow!! by Nicki Giegert talks about the state of unintentional abuse of cows in India.

Seasoned travel photographer and writer Nicki Geigert take us to India in her book Holy Cow!!. However, unlike her other travel photography books, Holy Cow by Nicki Geigert focused on one controversial subject- the roaming cows of India. ReadersMagnet Review takes a closer look.

Contrary to popular belief, Hindus do not consider the cow as a symbol of God and certainly do not worship the animal. Hindus consider the cow sacred because to them it is a sacred symbol of life. That is why cows are respected and honored in India.

Holy Cow!! by Nicki Geigert

Holy Cow!! was first published in 2011. It is a travel book that features the cows of India and how the Hindu people treat cows with reverence and respect. However, the book also shows the other side of that so-called tradition, and that is the unintentional abuse of cows. Because many of these cows are not owned or domesticated, they tend to roam around with no one to regularly feed or take care of them. Many of these cows die from malnourishment.

Cows are holy in India, and as such, are not to be eaten. However, many cows are not owned by anyone, and are not only not fed properly, but are left to exist on grain or ceremonial flowers from some worshipper, or trash, which is primarily comprised of plastics and paper. This book takes you on a journey through India, and no matter where you go, you will always see the cows, always present, always there, somewhere. (Book Description)

The State of Cows in India

According to a 2012 census, there are almost 6 million cows roaming in India. That figure from eight years ago has since increased. The rise of cows in the country has caused traffic and chaos in the streets. Many cows are abandoned by owners after they stop producing milk. They are left to roam the street and left to die causing not only massive traffic but also hygiene problems to the communities. The traffic issues caused by cows are unlike anything we’ve ever seen in other parts of the world where animals like deer or elephants cross the streets. These are serious and life-threatening to both humans and cows. In one of the northern states in India, nearly 7,000 cows dying on railway tracks since April of 2018. These are just some of the realities that the Indian population must deal with every day along with keeping tradition in their treatment of cows.

Nicki Geigert’s Holy Cow!! presents two different realities of India’s cows- tradition and actual condition. The state of India’s cows is not often discussed in travel and photography books, making Holy Cow!! a unique and remarkable travel book.

About the Author

Nicki Geigert is a landscape, Travel, Adventure, Fine art, and nature photographer. Over the years, Nicki has captured wildlife, tourist spots, culture, and people up close and personal. She is the author of several travel books including Family Trip to Magical Madagascar and Beyond and Bianca’s Big Adventure. She also co-authored a book entitled Read! Move! Learn! Active Stories for Active Learning with Carol Totsky Hammett.

She hopes to keep traveling the world, and writing articles and books to share with others. You are also invited to sign up for a tour to Magical Madagascar by going to www.NickiGeigert.com.

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