ReadersMagnet reviews Keith Niles Corman’s educational children’s book, Katie and Kenny Tour the Railroad .

Children’s books nowadays are not just telling stories to keep children entertained. Many authors are writing stories to educate children and impart lessons. Keith Niles Corman has written his book with the same goal in mind. He wrote his first children’s book to share the importance of railroad safety. 

Katie and Kenny Tour the Railroad 

Katie and Kenny Tour the Railroad is Keith Niles Corman’s debut children’s book. Published in January 2016, this tells a short tale about two cat siblings from Catville. These siblings are Katie and Kenny. One day, the siblings and their father were taken on a tour to the local railroad yard by their engineer neighbor, Timothy Tabby. Before the tour can commence, the siblings were told to wear safety gear since “Safety First!” is the slogan in the local railroad. There the siblings saw trains and railroads. During the tour, Katie and Kenny were taught many things including trains, railroads, how to handle and use them, and railroad safety. The cat siblings learned the importance of the rail transport industry.

Keith Niles Corman’s book is not an ordinary book that tells a story that features trains and railroads. Katie and Kenny Tour the Railroad teaches young readers the importance of train and railroad safety during railroad trips. In addition, readers are taught the right way to handle equipment to avoid possible accidents that can endanger anyone. In this illustrated book, readers are reminded of how important it is for everyone to always consider safety not only on the railroads but also in any place.

Trains and railroads are still crucial to the world we have today. Trains were one of the early transportation inventions. Trains and railroads have contributed greatly to the people and society since then up to now. Keith Niles Corman believes that it is a must to introduce to everyone why they are there, what they do, and the importance of safety whenever one is around trains and railroads. 

Katie and Kenny Tour the Railroad is not the only book of the author that features trains and railroads. He has written a historical fiction, Scourged Souls, that also features railroads. It is evident in his published works that he has a deep fascination for trains and railroads. This illustrated children’s book is the perfect material to educate children of all ages on trains, railroads, and public transport’s safety precautions. Corman’s children’s book will be able to mold children to become more responsible commuters and citizens. 

About Keith Niles Corman

Keith Niles Corman is currently residing in Cincinnati, Ohio together with his wife, Martha. The couple has one daughter, Amanda. Corman has a love for trains at an early age. Growing up in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, he would catch a glimpse of the Baltimore and Ohio line and New York Central branch. In his youth, he would race to watch the trains pass. Seeing steam locomotives still in use would particularly excite him. Everyone in the neighborhood and even his family knew the importance of safety precautions in the railroads. As the years go, Corman never lost interest in railroading even though he followed the course to pursue public service. After retiring from his job, he established a business consulting firm relating to industrial development and the use of rail, river, and highway logistics. Corman considers himself an avid model railroader, Railfan. He is active in promoting public education about the importance of safety around railroad and rails. His hobbies include photography, modeling railroads, historical research, and writing. He has written two books in total.