ReadersMagnet Review takes a closer look at Charles Lewis Anthony’s inspiring memoir, Let Me Tell You How I Got Saved.

Stories about redemption and overcoming life struggles always have a special place here in ReadersMagnet. We love to celebrate stories about faith, resilience, self-forgiveness, finding purpose, and spiritual journey. For us, these narratives deserve our time and appreciation for they reflect social realities and the human will to persevere and triumph. Today, we are featuring a riveting memoir about one man’s journey from the gangland to salvation. Today, we will celebrate Charles Lewis Anthony’s extraordinary journey and his book, Let Me Tell You How I Got Saved.

From L.A.’s Mean Streets to God’s Salvation

Let Me Tell You How I Got Saved is a memoir by Charles Lewis Anthony. It was released in 2018 and chronicled Charles Lewis Anthony’s dark and troubled times as a gang member in Los Angeles. For many years, Anthony took part in various gang-related activities. He was deeply involved in the gang, that he even participated in unlawful activities, including drugs. He was into substance abuse. Charles Lewis Anthony also recalls how his drug addiction detached him even from his so-called “homies” and crew. He was also estranged from his friends and families. This 268-page biography is filled with raw emotions, an honest account, and an inspiring narrative of one man who saw the darkest times before finally finding God.

“Vooshia picked me up while I was smelling like a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I didn’t care at all! Jesus said to come as you are, so I did just that, with all of my problems.”

Born in the 1970s and raised in the 1980s in the gang-populated city of Los Angeles, California, Ray Watkins had to make some decisions for himself. Some turned out bad, and some turned out good, but the important thing was to stay alive and live to see another day. Sit back as Ray takes us on a journey of street life survival and his encounter with our Heavenly Father. (book description)

Let Me Tell You How I Got Saved by Charles Lewis Anthony is not your average memoir. It is a riveting story of darkness, trouble, regret, and abandonment that eventually led to redemption and deciding to rediscover God. Anthony shares to his readers how he finally found faith and built a stronger and more meaningful relationship with God and Jesus Christ. It is a compelling life journey that will warm our hearts and remind us all that in God’s time, forgiveness and salvation will see us through. Let Me Tell You How I Got Saved by Charles Lewis Anthony is an inspiring tale that is worth celebrating.

About the Charles Lewis Anthony 

Charles Lewis Anthony grew up in the city of Los Angeles in California. Charles was born in the 1970s and became exposed to the gang underworld in the 1980s and 1990s. Despite his troubled past and affiliation with the gang and their activities, Charles managed to turn his life around. From wandering in the streets and becoming estranged from his family and loved ones, the former gangster Charles eventually turned to God. After serving the punishment for his past actions involving a local South Los Angeles street gang and quitting drugs, Charles Lewis Anthony decided to lay all his troubles and commit his life and energy to Jesus Christ. Since then, the repentant Charles has found peace, serenity, and contentment. Charles Lewis Anthony is a faithful living witness of how God’s grace and forgiveness are eternal, especially when they seek and build a strong spiritual relationship with Him.

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