The annual Beijing International Book fair is less than two months away. It the grandest book event in Asia, partly because of its equally grand venue- the New China International Exhibition Center. ReadersMagnet Review takes a closer look at the 2019 BIBF venue.

A massive center of commerce and cultural activities.

The New China International Exhibition Center is home to the annual Beijing International Book Fair.

The New China International Exhibition Center (NCIEC) is one of the most important landmarks in Beijing. This modern institution serves as a center for economic, political, and cultural activities. The New China International Exhibition Center serves as a venue for exhibitions, forums, seminars, trade shows, conferences, and other events. The NCIEC also opens its doors to foreign exhibitors and visitors creating businesses for both local and international entrepreneurs.

The New China International Exhibition Center is located within the business area, south of Tianzhu Konggang in Shunyi. Four major roads surround the NCIEC- west of Jingshun, the east of Yufeng road, the south of Anhua street and the north of Fuquian street.

Set upon a 155.5-hectare planned area, the New China International Exhibition Center has a total aboveground construction area of 660, 000 square meters. The aboveground construction area where exhibition halls and major facilities are located is 400,000 square meters which includes the 200,000 square meters exhibiting space. The said space features 16 separate single-level, column-free exhibit areas. The aboveground also includes a 100,000 –meter business area that features a huge shopping mall, a 85-square meter hotel area, convention center, offices, a high-tech news release center, and various function rooms.

A grand majestic platform for international events.

The New China International Exhibition Center is inspired from the Chinese principle of monumental civic design. At the heart of the exhibition center is a series of gardens design along central north-south axis which extends from the Wen Yu River. While the exterior space is a refreshing design of waterworks and greens, NCIEC’s interior uses a minimal expressive framework. Wall planes, gates, and pavilions serve as layers of spaces and divisions. The center’s public access is distributed all around with alternate discreet and separate access points for service vehicles.

The NCIEC puts a premium on space and is designed mainly for the exhibition industry. A remarkably amazing feature of the New China International Exhibition Center is that each exhibition hall can be merged to cater to large-scale exhibitions. The first phase has eight exhibition halls. Each hall is equipped with top quality modern facilities that can deliver to the needs of international affairs and big events. This magnificent center is not limited to business and economic affairs. NCIEC also caters to entertainment and lodging needs among others.

The 2019 Beijing International Book Fair

For the past few years, the New China International Exhibition Center has been home to many annual events both local and international. This year, the 2019 Beijing International Book Fair will be returning to NCIEC. It is the largest and most prestigious book event in Asia.  Around 300,000 participants gather each year to attend the BIBF. Authors, publishers, critics, retailers, digital media specialist, IT experts, and book enthusiasts from more than 80 countries and regions take part in the five-day engagement.

Now on its 26th year, the Beijing International Book Fair is expected to host book displays, book signing events, book trade, copyright trade, translation rights transactions, cultural events, comics and IP licensing. Bannering the theme “far beyond the printed words, BIBF continues to showcase the latest advancements in publishing and book marketing services, digital innovations, interactive media, artificial intelligence, and data systems.

The 26th BIBF will also mark ReadersMagnet’s third time to attend the said event. ReadersMagnet offers many book promotion services and book fair content distribution is one of them. It features the book display and book signing event.

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Register today and be a part of the 2019 Beijing International Book Fair. Deadline is on July 12, 2019.