Photography Books are always exciting. Recently, however, only a few photography books were published especially by independent authors. Nicki Geigert is among the few photo-artists that brave the unfamiliar waters of self-publishing her own photography book. Her Madagascar photo tours caught our interest and decided to check her latest works of art.

The Beauty of Visual Travel Diary

Traveling nowadays is a luxury for most people. Not everyone gets to travel to other counties or regions for that matter. Most of us are lucky enough to be able to get out of town during the holidays. With the help of digital media documenting your travels is just a few taps away. And what better way to record your adventures than with the help of a camera.

Pictures capture perfect moments, the right hues, and more importantly, the actual atmosphere of the place. If you are making a journal or a travel diary, it makes perfect sense to try and capture everything behind the lens.

Indeed, there is nothing more fulfilling than being able to freeze moments- routes, flights, arrivals, and most importantly, the whole trip and archive them into albums and galleries. The greatest achievement would be to share it with other people by publishing your own travel photography book.

Magical Madagascar by Nicki Geigert

Nicki Geigert is a traveler, adventurer, artist, and nature photographer. Throughout her travels, she has photographed many landscapes, wildlife, people and their culture as well as unique moments in time. Nicki Geigert’s collection of photos is as interesting as the list of places she has been to. However, her recent trip and the Madagascar photo tours drew our interest and made us curious about her body of works as well the places she’s been to.

Nicki Geigert’s Madagascar Photo Tours is the latest of her photo tours. The album consists of 50 plus crisp and high-definition photos of mostly wildlife and Madagascar’s magnificent landscapes.

Nicki’s collection of Madasgar photos included some of the most famous and most-photographed spots in Madagascar, her photos offer different vantage points which allow the reader to travel along with Nicki and enjoy the journey. Below is Nicki’s shot of the famous sharp limestone formation, The Tsingy de Bemaraha.

Razor-sharp Tsingy from Nicki’s vantage point.

Aside from the Tsingy, Nicki Giegert’s Madagascar Photo Tours includes the Isalo National Park, Nosy Be, mini waterfalls, river canoes, and of course, the ever-famous Morondava Baobab.

Morondava Baobab trees on a starry Madagascar night sky.

Exploring further Nicki Geigert’s portfolio, we see the rest of the Madagascar photo collection of flora reptiles, lemurs, monkeys, and the beautiful people of this African island nation.

Madagascar wild through Nicki Geigert’s eyes.
Madagascar: people and places.

Madagascar Photo Tours is just one of the many travel photography albums by Nicki Geigert. Geigert’s photography does not only show sharp, high-definition images of landscapes, flora, and fauna. Her shots are also taken from a different vantage point, not common from the ones we see on postcards. Each of her gallery shows a diverse collection of life and moments captured. Overall, Nicki Geigert’s travel photos inspire us to take a break from our usual routine and appreciate nature and the beauty it offers. While most of us cannot possibly afford to travel to around the world, travel photography reminds us that all around the world there is much beauty and we should take time to capture these places and moments.

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