When we talk about diversified motion pictures, the first one that pops out of our heads is a film by Steven Spielberg. He is a producer and director whose movies range from science-fiction, classics, historical drama, and adventures. 

He made blockbuster science fiction-movie in Hollywood history like E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial. It is a timeless movie that is enjoyed from generation to generation. The Twilight Zone is one of the most exciting movies and has outstanding casts.    

I certainly enjoyed watching Steven Spielberg’s classical movies like “West Side Story” and “Romeo + Juliet.” Both were much-anticipated movies that garnered high responses from moviegoers and critics before the movies were released. He used theatrical devices which enhanced the technical elements. The castings and the language and accents contributed to the phenomenon of the movie. 

When it comes to historical drama,” The Schindler’s List” was unforgettable, maybe because of the black and white presentation of the movie. The film was made black and white to symbolize Holocaust itself.

When we talk of great movies of all time, it has to be Steven Spielberg’s adventure movies. To name some are “Indiana Jones” and “Jurassic Park.” “A genius created Indiana Jones.” It was a movie about treasure-seeking, treasure-hunting, and the importance of preserving artifacts for future generations. 

 Another masterpiece of Steven Spielberg is “Jurassic Park.” It is a mixture of affectionate nostalgia and accessible postmodernism that reshaped American cinema. The originality was primarily a great production. Its exhibition scenes were applauded wildly by the audience that they had never seen before. 

With Steven Spielberg’s most significant contribution to the movie cinema, adventure movies will never be the same again. His movies are comparable to Into The Wild by Mike Honeycutt, giving a flight of fantasy.  

What makes Steven Spielberg’s movies a hit? The adventure fiction genre makes an adventure an exciting undertaking involving action, risk, and physical danger that comes with an unbelievable storyline beyond our imagination. The storyline structure with the basic adventure framework makes the movie more appealing. Creating a compelling character makes the audience glued to the movie. The catalyst motivates people to want to watch for more. 

The supporting characters must be good enough to complement the movie’s lead characters. In adventure movies, the setting is important because it elevates the risk involved, and the pacing of the storyline must flow. Once the audience reacts to scenes, the excitement builds up, and the adrenaline rush kicks in, making the movie a sure hit. 

Why is Steven Spielberg undefeatable? Among all the filmmakers, he has perfected cinematic innovations time after time. From generation to generation of filmmakers, their success is nothing compared to him. He manages to make popular films of all ages.

He opens his doors to the new era of virtual-reality sci-fi adventures, which are his career’s more complicated and ambitious work. His works always have the element of surprise.

You can sense each film is diverse and a work of art. He puts effort into each film, pushing the audience and himself to give the best filmography. The vast majority of his films are a success and even worth recommending.

There are components of film genres. Genres allow filmmakers to produce, cast and structure their plots within the given time. A well-defined framework offers marketable audience satisfaction.      

  1. Characteristic setting and period. It focuses on the timeline, if it is modern or classic, etc. The period in time like the specific decade or century. Whether it is historical or fictional, held in rural or urban areas. 
  2. The use of characters. The detective or gangster, private eye, criminals, fugitives, inmates. In horror, serial killers, ghosts, zombies, and mummies. In Sci-Fi, killers, monsters, aliens, and superheroes. In sports, the coach, the team, the jock, the brainy, the underdog, and many more.
  3. The representative content and subject matter. For example, the narrative, storyline, theme, and plot. In the case of action movies, the flight scene, violence, chase and crash sequence, and airborne scenes. In comedy, humor where belly-laughs are present. In crime, robberies, gangs, killings, and murder. 
  4. The film techniques and formats. The angle of the camera or lights faces, the editing style, color pattern, and the costumes and make-up.
  5. Music and audio enhance the atmosphere. Creates the scene’s mood like laughter, fear, adventure, excitement.

There are many genres of films that have fallen out of fashion. Some are outdated. They become stale, over-imitated, and cliche-ridden. The modern-day filmmaker uses the same familiar elements of classical or traditional films but puts an unimaginable twist on them.   

So who is Steven Spielberg? 

He is an American screenwriter, a director, and a film producer.   

He is one of the most influential personalities in the movie industry’s history. 

His extraordinary talent has earned his critically acclaimed credits to his name. 

His movies were the highest-grossing movie of all time.

His talents are the fountainhead of his works that fascinates audiences worldwide.

Steven Spielberg is by far the most outstanding figure in the entertainment industry.

Steven Spielberg is the Godfather.