From the beginning of a journey to long after arriving home, traveling with family can be one of the most rewarding adventures you can have together. While travel enables families to form a stronger bond, children also benefit from new experiences, and adults gain a greater appreciation for what’s around them. Yes, traveling with family is enriching, but traveling with family in an island country lying off the southeastern coast of Africa? Now that is supreme!

If you are up for this kind of adventure in your reading time, then the Family Trip To Magical Madagascar and Beyond is one for the grab! This is an exciting book about the unique mammals by Geigert. As the most oversized island in the Indian Ocean, Madagascar is famous for its unique wildlife and biodiversity. With breathtaking views of nature, white sand beaches, stunning rainforests, and delicious local food, this spot offers an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience.   

The Adventure of a Lifetime

Family Trip to Magical Madagascar and Beyond is an enchanting travelog by Nicki Geigert. Her book showcases her family’s vacation to the eastern African island nation. This book will enlighten many readers and show Madagascar is more than just a cartoon.  

The book details the trip Geigert and her family took to Madagascar. She writes about the numerous places she visited, including the King’s Palace and Imperial Gardens. Geigert also writes about visiting the many forests and national parks in the nation. She also writes about the friendly native Malagasy people who welcomed her to the island.

Geigert writes eloquently about the Malagasy people and how they often work and live communally in the nation’s small towns. Family Trip to Magical Madagascar and Beyond also details the nation’s street marketplaces where many women sell their goods. In pleasant contrast to other travelogs, Geigert writes about the Malagasy people as a diverse group and doesn’t just stereotype them as a monolith. The book even helpfully has a list of the different tribes of Malagasy people that shows the diversity of Madagascar’s citizens.

Further, Family Trip to Magical Madagascar and Beyond also notes Madagascar’s many different beautiful animals. Geigert writes about the lemurs, frogs, baboons, elephants, and many other animals that inhabit the island. She writes lovingly about how she safely interacted with the creatures thanks to the animal handlers.

Family Trip to Magical Madagascar and Beyond presents a thorough picture of Madagascar. At the beginning of the book, the itinerary shows the Geigert family’s commitment to exploring the whole country. The pictures throughout the travelog add such depth to the book. The dichotomy of the photographs of the majestic landmarks Geigert visited, and the modest homes of Malagasy people show the vast diversity of Madagascar.

The numerous pictures of the animals on the island also demonstrate the country’s beauty. The family photos show the familiarity and love the Geigert family share on their African adventure. The detailed information on Madagascar also adds enlightening information to the text.

Moreover, Family Trip to Magical Madagascar and Beyond would be great for readers who want to learn more about Madagascar and other little-known African countries. Readers who want to read more about different kinds of animals worldwide will find this book helpful. Family Trip to Magical Madagascar and Beyond is a book that will transport readers to a stunningly beautiful land.

About Nicki Geigert

Nicki Geigert is a photographer and a travel writer. She has photographed on all seven continents. Her work has been displayed in gallery shows, Fodor’s Travel Guides, and coffee table books. Her extensive experience photographing in other countries has shown her that beauty is everywhere. Still, many countries are not protecting their native environment or the animals that live there. Madagascar is one of those places with a scorch and burns policy, and habitats are being destroyed daily. She believes that we are to be stewards of the earth and all in it. Counter to that, she has witnessed the destruction and exploitation of cultures and wildlife throughout Africa, Asia, and South America.

You see, Nicki’s way of sharing her passion and compassion with her reading audience is writing stories about the people, their culture, the animals, and what is unique and special about each place on the planet. It provides awareness and invites her readers to come along with her to these far-away places and spaces. See her website: