The Pursuit of Personal Renaissance Experience teaches us it is always never too late to pursue a better version of yourself.

All of us have goals and dreams. And from a very young age, we are always encouraged to pursue those dreams and to work hard to achieve those goals. For many of us, that is the measurement of success, of a life well-lived. Education, career, a nice family, or a stable income, these are just some of the common categories for success. Many can work and achieve these according to their plans, some have to struggle, while there are others found a different path along the way. Dr. Peter Justus’ The Pursuit of Personal Experience is a unique self-help book but full of lessons and ideas that most readers have never encountered before. 


From Epiphany! to a Life Mission 

The Pursuit of Personal Renaissance Experience was published in 2012. Before writing the book, Peter Justus was busy with his career as a doctor. One day, while Peter was brushing his teeth, he stumbled upon an idea. This epiphany led Peter to a series of musings that made him re-examine his life and venture on a personal journey. He started jotting down notes and journal entries. These would eventually comprise of the chapters his book. In many ways, the book is a compilation of learnings as well as relearning and unlearning things.  The Pursuit of happiness is book that teaches us how to achieve happiness in life by Peter Justus.

Peter Justus’ The Pursuit of the Personal Renaissance Experience: Finding Opportunities for Happiness in the Ever-Present Now is a self-help book that is a fusion of science and spirituality. In this book, Dr. Peter Justus takes a closer look at how we define life’s meaning and our purpose in life. As a successful physician, Justus has a very lucrative career. However despite his achievements, he still felt that there is something to the life he is already living. His life-changing moment while brushing his teeth led him to a sort of journey featured in his book. According to Justus, it is an excursion wherein readers will be exposed to ‘an overview of a few billion years of evolution; several Hollywood movies; a Viennese school of psychotherapy; discussions of DNA, chocolate cake, heroin, social evolution, God, evil golf gods, human conflict, sex, money, and politics; the minds of crows; a biblical passage or two; and even one episode of the old television show, “Star Trek” Along the way you may realize, as I did, that too much of your life is spent living through experiences that leave you feeling unfulfilled and unhappy’.

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Redesigning Your Life Now!

A major highlight of the book is how to genuinely fulfill our meaning and be happy with our existence. Dr. Justus explains that to do so, we must continuously improve ourselves in and out. He explains further that self-improvement is more of understanding each facet of our daily activities and striving to do better in each of those aspects. Justus discussed that each one of us possesses the capability and resources to improve each dimension of our well-being provided we take time to evaluate and examine the nature of our work and relationships. By knowing more about ourselves and the various areas of our daily lives, we can redesign better ways to improve our performance, perspective, and relationship with others.

Living in the Moment

The Pursuit of Personal Renaissance encourages its readers to be in the moment. Living in modern times can be toxic and perfunctory. We are drowned by schedules and routines and sooner or later we forget why we do a certain thing or activity. We begin to lose our appreciation of the essentials and things that truly matter to us. We forget to live in the moment by constantly worrying about the future and its uncertainties. 

We become so goal-oriented that all we think of are just results and are unable to enjoy the process anymore. This type of mindset tends to take away the essence of what we do and leaves us wondering for what reason do we do these things. Justus reminds us that only by understanding how and why we do things can we truly achieve a sense of fulfillment and eventually, contentment. Being in the moment is helps avoid a feeling of emptiness in our daily existence and avoiding an existential void that can leave us depressed and lonely.

While The Pursuit of Personal Renaissance Experience requires time and focus, it is an inspiring read with valuable life-lessons.

About Dr. Peter Justus. M.D.

Peter G. Justus, M.D. was born in New York City on March 6, 1948. He grew up in the Seattle area and received a B.S. degree in Zoology and an M.D. degree from the University of Washington. He is a board-certified gastroenterologist and practices medicine in Kirkland, Washington. He lives in Bellevue with his wife Sheila.