Who’s Yawning Now? is the latest book by wildlife photographer and author Nicki Collins Geigert.

Nicki Collins Geigert is an author, wildlife and landscape photographer, and travel writer. She has published numerous travel photography books. Nicki Geigert has traveled on all seven continents, and it has allowed her to take many fantastic creatures and their majestic habitats. Many of her photos have made it to gallery shows, travel guides, and coffee table books. ReadersMagnet has also featured some of Nicki Geigert’s works, including Family Trip to Magical Madagascar, Holy Cow! (a book about the cows in India), and Bianca’s Big Adventure (a book about a young girl who travels to Australia to learn how to preserve and protect endangered animals). Today, we will feature another book by Nicki Collins Geigert about animals.

Geigert: Who’s Yawning Now?

Who’s Yawning Now? is the latest project by Nicki Collins Geigert. The photography book was published last year. It features a collection of birds and animals caught yawning. Aside from the photos, the book also displays information about each animal; their name, their habitat or where they are found, their food, and three interesting facts about each animal. What is most important is the book also places each animal with an IUCN Red List of Threatened Species tag. It tells how endangered an animal is based on the best-known worldwide conservation status listing and ranking system.

Nicki Geigert’s inspiration for the book Who’s Yawning Now? began about thirty years ago. According to Nicki,

“I saw a huge hippo yawning. It was such a gigantic yawn that I had to photograph it. From there, I thought that it would be interesting to take photos of animals around the world yawning. I then decided that a children’s A to Z book of animal yawns would be a fun book to write. I ran into a problem; I had no animals for the letters Q, U, or X. I then pulled the most interesting yawning animals together and combined them in the Who’s Yawning Now? book. “

Nicki Collins Geigert’s Who’s Yawning Now? contains 42 pages and is design for babies and readers up to 12 years old. Filled with clear and colorful pictures of animals in their candid moments, the book hopes to inspire young people to appreciate the wildlife and its role in keeping the animals safe and sheltered.

Protecting Endangered Animals

There is a reason why Nicki Geigert’s Who’s Yawning Now? features a lemur as its cover. Among the animals featured in the book, Nicki Geigert’s favorite is the lemur. Also, lemurs are endangered animals and currently on the verge of extinction. Of the 103 species of lemurs in Madagascar, around 35% are considered critically endangered. It does not help that 905 of their natural habitats have been destroyed because of the continuing slash and burn practices since the start of human settlement, especially in the last two decades. One of the main factors endangering wildlife is the rampant destruction of natural habitats worldwide (oceans, rainforests, rivers, and mountains). Madagascar is has a unique biodiversity and is the fourth largest in the world, and it is being changed for the worse because of these rampant destructions of habitats. Recently, Chinese incursions have caused a problem for the Malagasy people. The Chinese have been acquiring large portions of land in Madagascar to set up their rice and sugar plantations.

Nicki Collins Geigert is among the many concerned individuals who are worried for the safety and preservation of lemurs and other animals and flora and fauna of majestic Madagascar. For Geigert, there is a need to petition the Malagasy government to stop the slash and burn practice before Madagascar is destroyed and keep the Chinese at bay, preventing them from owning or acquiring lands to be converted into vast empty fields. Otherwise, many animals, plants, and many other rare species will be forced to flee their natural habitats.

To know more about Nicki Geigert and her book, you can purchase a copy of Who’s Yawning Now? from ReadersMagnet and Amazon. You can also visit Nicki Geigert’s author website to check her other books.