There are a lot of problems facing the self-published author. Chief among this is the difficulty of marketing a book in this ultra-saturated industry. Books can be sold and published as fast as they are thrown out. That is why, care and consideration should be given to authors and the books they write as well as the stories they tell. For this reason, Readers Magnet offers Superior Care and Management even in its young and ongoing history.

Caring for Everyone’s Stories.

Everyone has a story to tell. Each of these stories, have a potential, especially if they fall to the right ears or to the right hands. Telling stories is what connects and shapes the human experience. Without these stories, humanity would be nothing but a bland existence. Stories are after all the driving force of the civilization. Whether they are oral traditions or historical records, each written and spoken word bears with them the experience of a thousand folks who made that possible. Each written and spoken word bears the warning and prophecy of the future. Each written and spoken word would be a waste if they fail to reach an audience.

And therein lies Readers Magnet at its core. It aims to share the wonderful stories of wonderful authors. It aims to give the self-published and independent authors a fighting chance to let their stories be heard. Through book fairs, book signings, book reviews, and other marketing opportunities Readers Magnet works with the author to allow the book reach its full potential.

An Authentic Service

It is alright to be cautious. In fact, just as in any other creative field cautions should be encouraged what with multiple bad actors trying to one-up and scam authors from the products of their hard work. Not only that, but these bad actors are also trying to undermine legitimate businesses and authentic services.

However, ReadersMagnet is and always has been an authentic and legitimate business. It has helped published multiple authors from its inception in 2017 and even until now. Even during the height of the pandemic, Readers Magnet never stopped helping its authors publish and market their stories both old and new. Through creative avenues like online book fairs and book signings, Readers Magnet kept their word and continue to partner up with authors who trust them.

Readers Magnet also made sure that it partners up with the best and most trusted partners. Some of which include the Combined Book Exhibit (CBE) where they participated in multiple events including but not limited to Book fairs by:

American Library Association
Public Library Association
Bolognia Children’s Book Fair
BookExpo New Title Showcase
Sharjah International Book Fair (SIBF)
Beijing International Book Fair
Frankfurt International Book Fair (FBM)
Guadalajara International Book Fair

ReaderMagnet has also joined other prestigious book events like the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books (University of Southern California), Tucson Festival of Books and many others.

ReadersMagnet also prides itself with its partnership with the esteemed Ric Bratton of This Week in America with Ric Bratton. Through the radio show of the veteran media personality and radio icon, Readers Magnet was able to showcase numerous authors and market their books across the airwaves of across the country.

Furthermore, Readers Magnet has also partnered with award-winning National Broadcast personality, Kate Delaney. Through her radio show, America Tonight with Kate Delaney, she has also showcased multiple authors like herself.

Readers Magnet is not a scam, it simply offers Superior Care And Management. Its aim is simple, and it is to help self-published authors market their story and get that audience and following that they deserve. Readers Magnet believes that each story is a gift from the author for the audience. Readers Magnet aims to help authors give their gifts. Readers Magnet simply aims to help authors tell their stories.

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