With the San Diego Union-Tribune Festival of Books, ReadersMagnet was able to join another wonderful event wherein their authors could enjoy a day of sharing their books and interacting with readers.

ReadersMagnet recently finished attending a huge literary event in one of America’s finest cities. Attendees met and greeted their favorite authors with ReadersMagnet in San Diego. Our team and authors were able to fully grab this unique opportunity and maximize the benefits our clients can get.

So, you want to know how successful ReadersMagnet’s attendance was? Then scroll down and join us as we present some of the highlights from our time at the San Diego Union-Tribune Festival of Books!

We Had Many Booth Visitors to the Lovely City of San Diego

One of the most amazing feelings in the world for ReadersMagnet is seeing so many people showing love to our authors. Witnessing the outpour of support from visitors and other authors was genuinely heartwarming. Booth 1 and Booth 2 had lots of visitors and book buyers, too, which we’re sure will be looking for more.

We saw plenty of smiles and happiness in people’s faces, too. Many were interested in the different authors and genres each had to offer. It was also refreshing to see many children, many of whom bought books like “Freckles Finds A Forever Home,” by Renee’ Servello.

Visitors had the Opportunity to Know the Story Behind Each Book

Knowing the reason behind a book’s real-life inception is always interesting. The tale behind why the author wrote the book in the first place could serve as a way to attract readers. Sure, the stories within the pages are interesting, but what’s equally worth celebrating is that our authors could share their personal stories.

Renee’ Servello and Hope Raymond are two authors with many things to say and share about their books. Both of them are the perfect duo to showcase how diverse the authors of ReadersMagnet are.

Renee’ mainly talks about her book “Petey the Pug Escapes for 24 Hours,” while Hope Raymond shares more details about her book Where in the World is God? with everyone.

Listen to the authors briefly discuss their books in the video below:

Both authors had many visitors interested in their works during the San Diego Union-Tribune Festival of Books. They gained new fans and readers through the literary pieces they’ve written.

Everyone had Lots of Activities to Do and to Enjoy

The team behind The San Diego Union-Tribune Festival of Books planned the event to be enjoyable for any book lover, regardless of age. Attendees could participate in photo booths, talks featuring award-winning authors, workshops, activities, live entertainment, and more.

Of course, the ReadersMagnet booth had its fun activity as well. We opened a scavenger hunt for kids, and as you can see in the photo above, an eager participant was game to play along. The price was an Amazon Kindle, an e-reader known worldwide as a fantastic way to read digitally.

Participants had a lot of fun with our scavenger hunt, and they could even check out other books in the process. We also had book signings, which is always a good way for readers and authors to interact with each other.

Thank You, San Diego Union-Tribune Festival of Books, for Having Us!

ReadersMagnet would like to thank the team behind The San Diego Union-Tribune Festival of Books. We had such a blast and were so happy to find another successful venue for our authors to share their works and stories.

Aside from being in The San Diego Union-Tribune Festival of Books, we also had a ReadersMagnet Book Confab you might be interested in reading.

We look forward to seeing ReadersMagnet in San Diego again and another successful year together!

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