No one is immune to the inevitable, and that is growing old. One of the definite truths in life is that everyone ages; unless, by some act of God, a person is taken away at a young age. Walter Clark Boutwell’s Exiles’ Escape is the Book Two of the Old Men and Infidels series. In this dystopian set background novel, two countries are divided based on age profile: one for those retiring at the age of forty and never to be seen in public again, and the other country where no one retires, with a doubled life expectancy. As intriguing and as enticing it may seem to double the life expectancy, in reality, man, by nature, is not in charge of how they live. Whether for a short period of time or as long as the prophets of old have lived, destiny has other plans for how long each individual has the luxury of enjoying their stay and their lives here on the planet.   

Is there a fountain of youth?

One of the most mysterious and unsolved quests in history is the secret location of the fountain of youth. This fountain of youth is often described as this magical spring from which its waters give long life or restore the youth of whoever drinks or bathes in it. Some have even speculated that these waters also have healing powers in them. Many famous figures in history have been known to be involved in the search for such a mystical spring. Famed 16th-century Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon allegedly searched for the fountain of youth and surmised that such spring was in Florida. Alexander the Great, one of the world’s famous conquerors, has been rumored to be searching for a river that can heal any traces brought on by aging. Whatever romantic notion and beauty and aging idealism the fountain of youth contribute throughout history, aging is one of those themes that stand true to its name, a lifetime topic.

Aging Gracefully

In Boutwell’s book series, Old Men and Infidels, it is apparent that the faction was primarily caused by the people’s life expectancy and their reason for living long. A person is either valuable at a certain age or has reached an age where they can no longer contribute to society. Fear of aging stems from fear of having no more purpose or use or fear of a fading beauty or youth. Although the real world is still spared by the post-apocalyptic-type fantasy depicted in Boutwell’s books, the fear of aging does exist.

In today’s day and age, where miracle solutions and innovations are being discovered almost daily, aging is now, in Boutwell’s words, “inexorable but not inevitable.” Simply put, although aging cannot be stopped, it can be managed. Medical innovations over the years have refined and almost perfected beauty surgeries and procedures that can improve a person’s physical appearance, making them look younger than their actual years. Surgery can now boost a person’s youthful appearance and vitality, stretch marks and wrinkles problems are solved, skin color can be lightened, dark spots and marks brought by aging can be lightened, and almost anything can be done surgically to make a person look young again. At this rate, who needs the fountain of youth?

But not everyone is willing to resort to surgery and go under the knife to maintain a youthful appearance. Many people would rather “age gracefully,” meaning looking old yet healthy and living life forward and positively. 

One of the ways to age gracefully is to live in the present moment. The fact that no one can predict when life will end, so it’s better to make the most out of each day of being alive. Managing mental health is another way to age well, so finding humor, laughing, and being happy is an excellent way to manage the stress that can eat and rot away a person’s youth. Exercising and maintaining a healthy diet are also important. An overall optimistic view of life is also an excellent practice for aging gracefully. 

Aging is one of life’s realities. Unavoidable but manageable. Anybody can have a purpose and a reason for being at any age of their life. Aging does not necessarily mean declining. The youth may have the advantage of physical vitality but with the old lies the wisdom of the ages.  Grab a copy of Walter Clark Boutwell’s Old Men and Infidels book series on Amazon, or visit his website at