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The Importance of Attending a National Book Fair

Attending a national book fair content distribution can be a rewarding experience for self-published authors who want to make a name for themselves in their chosen genre.

Enjoyable Book Lessons for Kids to Read this January

Here is our short list of inspiring and enjoyable book lessons for kids to start the year. The Invisible Boy by Trudy Ludwig Trudy Ludwig's 2013 children's illustrated book is among the recently published works gaining popularity among young readers and...

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Sizzling Romantic Suspense Novels Worth Reading

Romantic suspense is one of the hottest genres people are raving about. The overlapping of romance, action, drama, danger, and mystery makes romantic suspense novels loved by many readers of all ages. The irresistible stories will keep you from putting down the book...

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Five Futuristic Sci-Fi Novels to Start the Year

Here is our shortlist of futuristic sci-fi works to kick-start your 2021. Dune by Frank Herbert Our list begins with an old novel that will soon reclaim its place among the all-time sci-fi greats. Frank Herbert’s Dune is being adapted into a movie and will be...

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Eight Books to Read on Alzheimer’s Disease

Many books have been written about Alzheimer’s disease and how it affects relationships. Here are some books to read about: Going... Going...: The Abduction of a Mind (2019) by Jack Weaver The memoir Going Going: The Abduction Of A Mind by Jack Weaver narrates the...

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ReadersMagnet Review: The Numbered Cups Mystery

JB Clemmens’s The Numbered Cups Mystery is part of the Lieutenant James Mysteries book series. JB Clemmens is one of the rising crime mystery novels. Since 2013, she has published a number of amazing crime fiction books. Most notable among her works is the Lieutenant...

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Anxiety and Burnout Symptoms Every Caregiver Should Know

Anxiety refers to the extreme and too much worrying and fearing about the circumstances that happen in one’s life daily. Burnout, on the other hand, is defined as the disappearance of an individual’s drive or excitement — especially where the person’s commitment to a...

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