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ReadersMagnet Review is a repository of various stories and interests reviewed by ReadersMagnet. In line with our commitment to sharing stories with the world…

The Importance of Attending a National Book Fair

Attending a national book fair content distribution can be a rewarding experience for self-published authors who want to make a name for themselves in their chosen genre.

ReadersMagnet is Legitimate

ReadersMagnet is Legitimate

Legitimacy is every business’ ticket to success. For a small self-publishing company like ReadersMagnet, posts that portray the company as a scam or bogus undermines the business. Thus, the company strives to provide genuine self-publishing services to the...

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ReadersMagnet Review: LinkedIn Profile for Authors

ReadersMagnet Review: LinkedIn Profile for Authors

One of the first tasks for authors, especially self-published ones wanting to promote their brand online, is to establish one’s legitimacy and reputation. ReadersMagnet takes a look at how a LinkedIn account can serve as a valuable tool, not only for building your...

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