One of the challenges writers face, especially beginner writers, is how to break into the world of publishing or conquer the market of books and readers. There’s the challenge of finding the right niche and genre to write about and finding the right publishing route to follow, whether self-publishing or going through a publishing agency. There are a lot of factors that impact a book’s success, and one of the effective methods to enter and get established in the marketing world is through anthology writing. The book Anthology of Short Stories and Poems II by Brian Clements is a collection of short stories and poems, showing the author’s prowess in weaving in and out through the enthralling pages of the anthology book. The book is an excellent example of how effective anthology writing is and how effectively Brian Clements uses it to break through the challenging yet exciting world of writers, readers, and publications. 

All About Anthology Writing     

Author Brian Clements compiled short stories and poems into one book. Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen collected inspirational stories on varying subjects such as cancer patients, moms, new moms, pet lovers, friends, terminally ill patients, and a lot more in a bestselling book series entitled Chicken Soup for the Soul. These are just some of the few examples of what anthology writing is all about.

Anthology writing, or book, is typically a book collection that comprises short fiction stories, poetry, and even non-fiction write-ups from different authors or by a single author, in the case of Brian Clements. This type of book usually focuses on a single particular theme, genre, or writing style. For instance, Chicken Soup for the Soul is an inspirational collection anthology. Ghostly Writes Anthology 2018 by Ghostly Writers is a collection of, of course, ghost and horror stories.  

One of the reasons why a writer would choose to join and participate in an anthology is to gain credibility and, for beginner writers, start attracting their own reader followers. Some anthologies contain works that mix both professional and amateur authors. It is indeed an advantage if an unknown writer who is just starting out gets their name placed alongside an already well-known writer. 

Joining an anthology could also test the author’s versatility in writing for different themes or genres. 

It’s also cost-efficient and a time-saver for a beginner writer to participate in an anthology since all they have to do is just to write a story, or whatever literary piece is agreed upon, and then submit it. The publisher then handles all the expenses related to the publishing and the publication processes. Royalties are even sometimes given out as an upfront payment. 

Networking and making connections is also another payoff of joining an anthology. Making an anthology requires cooperation and communication among the different authors. This is an opportunity for every author to participate in broadening their social and networking circle, especially in the writer’s field of community. 

Is there any advantage to the readers?

Aside from the writers, readers also get to enjoy some benefits from reading an anthology. One of the benefits is that an anthology would seem like a one-stop book that introduces different writers, especially new writers, to the readers – an all-in-one literary piece that readers get to enjoy. In just a single book, readers are exposed to different types of literature, stories, poems, and the different subjects the writers brought in. 

Stories written in anthologies are typically short, making them easy to enjoy. There are also instances when anthologies are created for a charity, providing readers an opportunity to do some goodwill by buying for a good cause.  

Anthology of Short Stories and Poems II by Brian Clements is an excellent piece of an anthology that can inspire and motivate beginner writers to take the route of anthology writing to establish their writing careers. Get the feel of what an anthology book is all about. Grab a copy of Brian Clements’ Anthology of Short Stories and Poems II on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or visit the author’s website at