The journey through life is a rough road. There are a lot of stumbling blocks along the way that seem impossible to avoid. And no matter how much a person prepares in life to counter and avoid those obstacles, there are still some that manage to get through gaps that could leave a person heartbreakingly sad, miserable, and depressed. From Childhood to Christhood, A Journey into Universal Divine Consciousness, a self-transformation book by Ranucci, is an inspirational book that takes the reader into life’s stumbling blocks, life lessons to be learned, and how can heal from experience.

It is not easy coming out from a traumatic ordeal that more or less breaks the very core of human dignity and soul. But author Jocelyne Ranucci is a shining exemption and showed that with an extraordinary faith in a divine being and an awareness of God’s love working through his people through Christ, any life’s barriers and hurdles towards a redemptive life could be overcome.

Inner Healing

Healing from a deeply ingrained wound is not easy, but not something impossible to do. Even wounds inflicted physically would take a lot of medicines such as antibacterial, antifungal, or even surgery to make them heal. But even with the right wound treatment, deep wounds tend to leave scars that take time to heal and fade. So do wounds that are inflicted mentally or emotionally. In fact, these types of wounds are hard to detect in the first place because there are no apparent marks or indications that would show that the person is actually hurting or is wounded. This is where inner healing comes in. 

Inner healing, also sometimes known as spiritual healing, refers to recovering and healing from emotionally traumatic and abusive experiences. The healing process depends on and differs from the different faiths. For Christianity, inner healing is experienced through meditation, prayers, and reflecting on God’s word. 

Ranucci’s book, From Childhood to Christhood, leverages divine consciousness, or Christ consciousness, to wake up the inner healing power. Christ consciousness is an awareness, an awakening to the knowledge that everything is connected in life, in the physical and divine realm. 

Why do people search for inner healing? How does one start on the road toward inner healing?

Identifying the source of the pain and wound

The first step is always the hardest in a journey. Identifying a person’s inner wound involves reliving the painful and traumatic experience over and over again, which is never, never an easy thing to do. Reliving the experience, even just through words, is akin to putting oneself in that situation as it is actually happening. Imagine being at the receiving end of hateful words and going through it again. It’s enough to strip away any person’s barrier and reveal the most vulnerable and sensitive soul within. 

But part of the inner healing process is to remind oneself of that experience again. Healing begins with the acceptance that the hurt has happened and, more importantly, that the person who is the victim admits that they are indeed hurting and that they need to heal. Inner healing starts with knowing and going down to the source of the injury and then acceptance of the need to recover from it.  

Reaching out

The journey towards inner healing is not necessarily a solo, isolating, and lonely path. After a person accepts that they need to heal, the next thing to do is reach for support. Support could be in the form of family, friends, peer groups, nonprofit organizations, or even the community church. The best type of healing is a shared experience. Someone is there to listen without judgment and provide all the support and shoulders to lean on to help the person get out of the dark situation. 

Be open to the process

The healing process involves several stages to get to the point where the person can finally say, “I’m free.” After knowing, accepting, and reaching out, the person should be open to other activities needed to complete the healing process. In Christianity, praying is part of the healing journey. In other instances, so is a “pray over,” meaning praying for someone’s healing individually or as a group. They say the best type of prayer is when someone prays for another. Why not take advantage of the opportunity when someone or a group is willing to pray over the person’s situation?

Life is a surprising mix of journey of the good and the bad. People love the good part, which is a very normal reaction, but it is the bad part that makes the person grow. Those pitfalls in life will always be invisible, but author Jocelyne Ranucci made her readers realize that those difficult situations can be overcome and won over.

Grab a copy of the book From Childhood to Christhood, and start on that amazing spiritual journey of rediscovering oneself through the awakening of the divine consciousness. Available both on Amazon and on the author’s website