There are many reasons to choose wisely and carefully when picking a spouse, but here’s one you may not know: New research suggests that a good marriage is good for your health — and that a bad one can be a real heartbreaker. After the vows are said and life settles in, truths emerge. About what it takes to maintain a happy relationship. About the inevitable fights that will occur. About why never having to say you’re sorry is bullshit. About what it truly means to be a partner on good days, bad days, and those days when the sound of your partner’s chewing makes you want to muzzle them.

Marriage is life, bundled together. It contains, as it has been said, multitudes. As such, Jack Weaver must have had this in mind when he wrote his book, Going… Going…: The Abduction of a Mind.   Jack’s book offers some simple truths about marriage to lift the curtain, light the way, and let you know that there are some certainties everyone should keep in mind. Some of these truths are lighthearted; others are serious. All, so to speak, shed some light on the inner workings of sharing your life with someone. Because while no marriage is the same, a lot of marriages — and core principles — are similar.

Jack Weaver’s debut book, Going… Going…: The Abduction of Mind was published in June 2019. This book is an autobiography of Jack and Janey’s love, life, and lies. The story revolves around the husband and wife’s struggles with progressive disease. It tells about the couple’s journey along the trail of Alzheimer’s for fifteen years. It is an insight into a couple who pledged to love, honor, and commit through sickness as well as health and who did so with grace. It not only details their journey but also their hope and how they cope. Jack and Janey acted as a team–something they will forever be grateful for. An honest narrative on how Alzheimer’s disease brings in many challenges and can affect relationships. Further, readers will make them see and understand what true love is. A love that is unconditional and will be there through thick and thin and in sickness and in health. Nearly fifty years ago, Jack and Janey promised each other on the altar unconditional love. They have lived their lives fulfilling that promise. That promise of love is one of the great things about Weaver’s book. When people love and they make a commitment, they become enormously vulnerable and enormously powerful — because they care so much and it connects them.  

Jack and Janey will be your guide throughout the book. Their story will bring readers to various locations such as sunny valleys of hope, swamps of despair, mountains of happiness, and the vistas of grief and relief. A story that will make you cry and laugh at the same time. A story of profoundness and all-out honesty. A real-life story of hope, happiness, and sadness. A heartwarming story of all time.  

About the Author

Jack Weaver worked for forty-three years as a chiropractor before retiring. He married his high school sweetheart, Janey Weaver. They have been husband and wife for forty-five years. Together, they have five children and a total of eight grandchildren. Weaver spends time enjoying God’s creations, working with his bare hands, and having a good laugh. He pursued these pleasures as hobbies such as photography, fly tying, woodworking, leather crafting, and writing. With his fondness for writing and a push from his wife, Jack was able to publish his very first book, Going… Going…: The Abduction of Mind.