A group is all about proper organization. Proper organization can only be made when there is effective communication. This is true for any group, whether they are a civilian organization or a military unit. Effective communication skills are key for an efficient organization on the civilian side. By communicating effectively, the organization members can do their roles clearly and concisely. Confusion is minimized, and so does wasting resources, be it manpower, money, or even time. 

Meanwhile, good and proper communication can mean the life and death of a military unit. There are a lot of horror stories that could have been avoided if only the group just knew their commands or they were given the proper intel. A good story about communication can be found in Daniel M. Dewald’s Vietnam War book about the 3rd Battalion, 12th Infantry, 4th Division of the US Military. Grey Feathers Led By Love of Country details Dewald’s experience on the frontlines of the Vietnam War, where communication is essential to survive the hostilities they face.

Proper Communication

Excellent and proper communication skills are an essential foundation should a group ever wants to succeed. Good communication values listening more than talking. The organization members should be influential in understanding the words and information presented to them. They should also be able to understand this information in both intent and content completely. Not every organization might start having stellar communication, but it can be developed through different activities and exercises. Developing and improving existing communication skills not only benefits the company, but it also elevates the skills of its personnel. In order to be effective in communication, the communicator must develop some skills. 

Foundations of Good and Effective Communication

Listening skills

Good listening is the bedrock of effective communication. Communication is, after all, a two-way street. Almost always, the cause for ineffective communication is one party only focusing on expressing themselves. This situation can be worse when both parties are only focused on the messages they want to convey and not on the message that they need to receive. This situation can only lead to no information being passed between both parties. Effective communicators use different listening styles to discern the information that is being communicated. They know when to be critical, when to be biased and selective or when to be empathetic. Most important of all, they know how to focus on the speaker.


Having high emotional skills is also essential to being an effective communicator. Emotions can hide a lot of information and intent. Through empathy, good communicators can also focus and understand why something is being talked about or what the speaker really intends to communicate. Also, a high emotional intelligence provides the ability to build good relationships between both parties.

Nonverbal Communication

Communication is not only limited to spoken words. Actions too can present and covey a lot of important messages or hidden and subliminal information. In speaking, proper use of nonverbal cues and body action can improve the delivery of your message.


Being willing to work on a team can also help develop effective communication skills. The ability to be open to collaboration as well as relate to members of a group opens up both parties for receptive communication. By strengthening the bonds of teamwork, members can trust one another, allowing for good rapport, which can then lead to good communication.


Effective communication skills are the foundation upon which a good and robust organization stands. Be it in the military or the civilian life; no group will last long without its members communicating flawlessly or effectively. It is of utmost importance for members of any organization, be it an army unit, a local sports team, or even a school group, so that they can reach their intended goals.

You can find stories where effective communication is essential in Daniel Dewald’s book. Buy it through his website or Amazon.