To study and understand the concept of the Spirit and its connection to life is similar to understanding the vastness of the ocean and the great expanse of the night sky and their mystery. That’s how broad and all-encompassing the topic of Spirit and life is. Author Hedin Daubenspeck’s book, Pony Ride to an Awakening: The Journey of a Mystic, talks about the author’s encounter with the otherworldly kind and his psychic and spiritual experiences. Hedin shared his wisdom on the significance of letting the Spirit guide a person in their quest for answers to life’s often difficult questions. Searching for answers is akin to an awakening in life. An encounter with the Spirit entails unfolding life’s truths and realities.

Why there is a need to explore Spirituality

Understanding the need to explore or study Spirituality is first to define what is Spirituality all about. Spirituality, as a concept, is inclusive. It is all about finding a connection, awareness, or recognition extending beyond man’s natural senses. It is often linked with the examination of the human soul or spirit. Hedin Daubenspeck touches on the Spirit as the end all and be all of human life. From the Spirit, men came from, and to the Spirit shall men return. 

Through the human spirit, men developed a thirst for seeking a connection with their Spirituality, a desire for understanding that there is a bigger meaning, a bigger purpose for men’s existence in life. For some, Spirituality is a matter of religion. They linked the concept of a spiritual-led life to their relationship with the church, synagogue, mosque, or whatever religious denomination they belonged to. 

At any rate, men would often turn to Spirituality to seek comfort or solutions to life’s problems, believing that there is a higher power that sees all and knows all and that somehow they may be able to gain enlightenment or be guided on how to go about steering their way through life’s problems. 

For some, the need to explore Spirituality is to find inspiration in their work of art. They find their art’s theme by depicting life’s meaning through understanding and exploring life’s Spirituality. Others draw towards Spirituality because of the psychological health benefits it offers. Practicing Spirituality mindfulness usually involves praying and meditating. 

Praying and meditating induce a feeling of calm and relaxation. These practices help clears the head and improves focus and concentration. Praying and meditating also help regulates emotions and stress. These mindfulness activities are proven to help people with anxieties, depression, and other mental health issues. Aside from that, these two also help to improve the overall positive sense of well-being, enhancing the feelings of gratitude, hope, and compassion.  

Not surprisingly, exploring Spirituality also has some benefits for the physical human body. Mindfulness activities or practices can result in longer life, a stronger immune system, or reduced chances of contracting diseases or illnesses. People who practice Spiritual awareness tend to lead healthier lives, prolonging or adding years to their lives. Stress is a major destroyer of the immune system. Mindfulness practice can help mitigate and control stress, increasing healthy hormones that help fight off any aggravating circumstances that induce stress. 

Practicing Spirituality is also known to boost a person’s self-confidence. Being mindful of one’s overall well-being, including their needs and wants, makes people confident in expressing themselves. Belonging to a spiritual community gives a person a chance to connect or network with other people who also share the same passion for exploring the human spirit, which increases the person’s sense of belongingness and security. 

To understand Spirituality is akin to understanding life’s meaning and purpose. The human spirit is so broad, deep, and mysterious in its meaning that it takes a lot of practice to grasp the actual truth of what the human spirit and Spirituality are all about. As author Hedin Daubenspeck reflects in his book, the journey to the spirit is a pony ride to awakening. Understanding the human spirit is an achievement in and by itself and life’s awakening. 

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