Reading is absolutely one of the best ways to destress and rid yourself of the tension from your hectic schedule.

However, no matter how enjoyable, there are certain instances where you don’t have the energy to invest enough time and finish one full novel. And books that put together short stories are the answer for that matter. Compiled in this article are some of the best short stories books you can find on today’s shelves.

One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories

Written by one of the actors, director, and writer of the hit TV show The Office, One More Thing is a collection of endlessly interesting, sensitive, and original stories that tackle a range of themes, narratives, and subjects. This book follows multiple characters and their stories, from a boy winning a hefty prize coming from a box of Frosted Flakes to a school principal designing a plan to permanently scrap the subject of arithmetic. One thing this book doesn’t fail to deliver is its realistic stories inspired by human phenomena such as love, family, fear, made entertaining by Novak’s playful humor, and inquisitive mind.

American Housewife: Stories

“A smart collection of stories involving feminist women.” If there’s one sentence that can perfectly summarize Helen Ellis’ book, it’s definitely this review. American Housewife contains 12 stories that aim to answer the question, “What do housewives do all day?” This book, set in domesticity features a variety of ladies, who proudly flaunt their power and liberty as women. American Housewife takes us from a Manhattan apartment building to a rigged reality show. Its range of genres showcases Ellis’ unmatched wit and creativity.

Anthology of Short Stories and Poems II

One of Brian’s most popular works is entitled the Anthology of Short Stories and Poems II, the second installment of his anthologies. In this book, the adventures of Private Detective Jack Donavon resume as he continues to search for the culprit of his hearing loss. Jack is led to Florida where he faces and fights his attacker. In addition to Private Detective Jack’s adventures, this anthology also follows the story of Jason and Ava as they guard a mental hospital in the midst of Hurricane Michael, tackling their dilemmas and how they face these.

These two stories are only two amongst the variety of narratives you can read and will surely enjoy throughout Clements’ book. Additionally, you can also bask in pleasant and intricately written love stories and poetry under the same book. If you wish to enjoy different genres in one sitting and material, then the Anthology of Short Stories and Poems series are the books for you. You can read more of the literary pieces of poetry and love story on Brian’s book by purchasing it on amazon, or visiting his website for more information.

Where We Go When All We Were Is Gone

This collection by Sequoia Nagamatsu focuses on the fantastic and the mystical characteristics of the past, and the craziness of the future to make sense of the world and spaces people are in when they’re at their most vulnerable. These stories are a compilation of folklores and events inspired by Japanese culture. For instance, in one of its stories entitled “Rokurokubi,” we are introduced to a man with a demonic ability to stretch his neck as he tries to save his failing marriage banked on secrets. Where We Go When All We Were Is Gone is one of the perfect materials that can best introduce readers to the complexities of Japanese culture.

This is How You Lose Her

This book by Junot Diaz lay bare the longing and weakness of the human heart. With its collection of stories centering on the different directions and twists of romance, This is How You Lose Her will make you wish to experience being filled with passion, falling in love, and ultimately avoid getting heartbroken by a lower. This collection will introduce you to a woman in New Jersey while she thinks about her lover and his wife, to the tender story about a father buying his only son his first baseball equipment, presenting you the different ways of showing love and breaking hearts. If you wish to be engrossed in the highs and lows of romance, then This is How You Lose Her is the perfect romance book for you.