With all the business going on with everybody today, it is challenging to avoid not being overwhelmed by everything. Sometimes, all the world’s stuff is just too much that our minds fill up, yet they are forced to function even beyond capacity. While this is true for adults, such fact does not exempt children. Children are just as prone to burnout, stress, and anxiety as adults are. Their problems might seem laughably childish in our eyes; these are genuine problems to them. In the end, issues will remain problems; only the age and type will change.

With all those said, it is essential to teach kids about the value of mindfulness as early as they can. Mindfulness is an excellent skill, especially for children who experience anxiety. Mindfulness allows these very same kids to slow down and think things through. Mindfulness will enable them to focus on the present rather than think about the past or future. As such, mindfulness help kids have the presence of mind, which will manifest in improved focus and awareness. In the end, this mindfulness will make the children happy, empathetic, and kind.

 One of the best ways to teach this mindfulness is through books. Books, especially picture books, are very close to children’s hearts. Encourage them to read, and the lessons they read will stick in their minds, and they will bring these lessons in their heart, probably until they grow up into fully functioning adults.

Some recommended books about mindfulness and meditation for kids can include the following. Remember not to force kids to read them. Otherwise, you will only increase their stress.

 My Magic Breath by Nick Ortner (author and illustrator), Alison Taylor(also story), Michelle Polizzi (Illustrator)

This book is unique and beautiful. After all, it is an interactive book where the reader breathes along as they learn how to make negative thoughts like anger and sadness disappear. This book is a breathing exercise book that teaches the children to slow down and take a deep breath whenever they are in a bad spot. It is a book that will assist children in having peace of mind, self-awareness, and balance.

Here and Now by Julia Denos (author) E.B. Goodale(Illust)

 For some kids, anxiety can come up at three to seven. This book is for those kids. It is a celebration of mindfulness, meditation, and enjoying how beautiful life can be at each moment. It is illustrated in a lush manner that can tickle the reader’s imagination while slowly helping them face new anxieties.

Easter: McEaster Valley by Walter Hoge DVM (author)

 Among the books on this list, this children’s book by Walter Hodge not only shows how kids can be mindful of their surroundings. It also teaches them to appreciate the beauty that is found around them. It is a book that leads us to be mindful and thankful for the beauty found in nature.

 Find out more about this book by visiting the author’s website.

Silence by Lemniscates

 This beautifully illustrated book about silence encourages its readers to appreciate that very same thing. Most of the time, silence seems to be something awkward that we are often taught to fill in. This book introduces the opposite of that. This book teaches children to appreciate the silence and use it as a time for mindfulness and peaceful meditation. In the end, readers of this book may learn how to become more aware of their thought and feelings. Thus, silence may help its reader understand more about themselves.