Historical Fiction is defined as a genre of immeasurable wingspan. This Genre takes place in a setting located in the past. This Genre transports readers to another time and place, especially of the long-forgotten history that tells new secrets and new revelations. Historical Fiction dates back to the early 19th century. The works of Leo Tolstoy, Charles Dickens, Mark Twain and many more were among the first novelists to explore the historical setting as its own concept for a book.

Historical Novels capture the details of the period as accurately as possible for authenticity, including social norms, manners, customs, and traditions. Novels of this genre focus on the significant time events that happened in a particular moment of history. Maybe it is a productive year of a scientist or a poet, or a shedding of blood because of wars, tragedy that killed many people, or the death of prominent and influential people that influenced many people during their living days.

Accuracy in Historical Fiction

For example, a historical fiction book entitled “Can’t Hobble The Elephant” by Francis J. Dutch explores essential events such as the American Civil War. If a novel were to make up the whole span of the war ranging from April 12, 1861, to May 9, 1865, the story’s believability would be undermined. However, if a writer wrote about an army and followed his life’s darkest hours if this type of characterization is not a problem undermining the story since the character is made to coincide with the topic or the historical basis. In this case, an army since the book talks about civil war.

To some extent, it is essential to stay true to history. Otherwise, the appeal of historical Fiction would be lost. The primary thing we can get from reading historical Fiction is the knowledge we can learn when reading it.

A Literary Representation of Life

The beauty of literature is the impossibility of the situation since you are reading it as if you are in a different time, place, and circumstances. Our approach to literature is often concerned with a desire to define it as an accurate representation of reality, with people often turning to literature for escapism.

 Indeed, literature is the best way to ignore life and embrace life’s every possibility since books are a reflection of our lives, decisions, and possible scenarios that can happen on a daily basis.

When it comes to Historical Fiction, the way we represent it is somehow a cultural artifact that we can study, reflect and commemorate. We use the past to navigate our future and teach us some valuable lessons we can use in the future, or otherwise start a new life and create a memory of your soon be called “past” and make it memorable. What Josh O’Donnell had taught us is when you decide for yourself the life you are longing for, tasting the nectar of life and dancing amid the scorching heat of life’s greatest enemies are what makes us as prosperous humans as possible.

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