Photo from W. Veronica Lisare

Lisare’s testimony and the spiritual tools she learned along her journey will inspire all who read her book to move through their challenges to God’s perfect love and the other side of fear.

Standing in ruins and broken pieces of a relationship or marriage you genuinely love can make you question everything you thought love to be. The devastation of infidelity lies, and broken promises cannot be what God meant when He spoke about love. Yet humanity finds its way to standing amidst one of the biggest battles one would face, which would not last for months, but years. The impact made it hard to breathe. Was love worth fighting for? Love is indeed a wander, and God does not tell you all the things you will face to embrace it fully. But there is a way. You will find it as you journey past the pain of human imperfection to the perfect love. Grab a copy of Lisare’s book and discover how perfect love can lead to truth, healing, renewed hope, and restoration.

The Past: The Root Of Fear And Victim’s Frame Of Mind

Lisare shared in her interview with Kate Delaney of America Tonight the reason why a person feels shame for things that were done to him that he does not have control over. She conveyed that this is common because people get imprinted in their childhood homes. That a person’s identity is formed either by his parents (a father or a mother) saying too many things or not saying anything, and parents do not realize the power of their words and experiences. 

She said, “As children, we draw conclusions about life, about ourselves, and those are lies we believe well into our adult years until they are exposed… I felt like I was always doing things wrong, that my parents didn’t love me and were always seemingly disgusted. Perfectionism I grew out of it because I was afraid of making mistakes. You grew up thinking that you are unlovable, and I did grow up just wanting to get through the bare minimum of life, never thinking or dreaming of what I want to do with my life or what I would like to accomplish. I was just in survival mode and having a victim mentality, which I met many people who still have, relating what happened in their childhood.”

Thus, letting that continue to influence your daily life, knowing that your parents do not come from a perfect family, goes back in the generations. People tend to give that parental influence a lot of power.

Freedom Through A Relationship With Jesus

There is a debt that every man has, a disease that humanity suffers from, which no human strategy can ever cure or conquer. It is not captivity to external things primarily, though it does work its way out in outward expressions. No, people’s problems are much more profound. It is a bondage of the will, the soul’s captivity, a deadness of the heart. 

True freedom only exists in Jesus Christ as humankind receives freedom through a relationship with Jesus. How does it happen? God changes a person’s heart through His Holy Spirit. He makes you spiritually alive by giving you a new heart, and this heart desires to love God. It sees Jesus Christ as beautiful and wants to love Him as the Lord and Savior of your life. People give their lives to Jesus through faith and receive His forgiveness and freedom from sin. Not only this, but they are now free to do the very thing they were created to do, which is to honor and enjoy God forever. And this joy in God is from your heart — your new heart given to you by God.

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