God’s love is among the greatest that has existed or will ever exist in this world. Despite the world’s imperfections, He himself allowed his Son, Jesus Christ, to be crucified and die for the salvation of humankind. He let his Son to suffer such agony in the hopes of nothing in return. God loves us so much that He was willing to give us a part of Him, a part of the Holy Trinity, just to save us from eternal damnation in hell.

There are a lot of books that talk about God’s love for humanity. There are several authors who write about this kind of love and spirituality. One such author is Kwaku Mensah, who talks about selfless love on God Cares book. With a full title of “God Cares, but Do We?”, Mensah’s book talks about our place in the universe as rational and thinking beings. “God Cares” is a book about our relationship with God, our world, and our fellow man. “God Cares, but Do We?’ is a deeply spiritual book.

What is Spirituality?

In the most basic sense, spirituality is described as our belief or a sense of purpose and meaning. A spiritual person, therefore, is a person who is at peace with himself. A spiritual person is able to commune with himself and God as well as be able to trust that everything that is currently happening is part of God’s will. Being a spiritual person is being a person who can answer the immensely philosophical question of “Who am I?” and “What Do I do With my Life”?

How Spirituality Impacts Your Self

It cannot be denied that we live in a world of chaos. There are wars being raged. Inequality and poverty still exist. Even the very institutions that ought to be the foundations of peace and prosperity have been shaken to the core. It is very easy to lose sight of oneself and purpose due to this never-ending cacophony. Spirituality can be a tool to help you navigate through this uncertainty. Spirituality can help you realign yourself to a path that is positive both for you and those around you.

In addition, spirituality also improves your physical health. With spirituality removing a lot of stress in the mind, there will be fewer things to worry about. Spirituality thus can help cope with depression. Please take note that it cannot really remove depression, and it is still a good idea to seek help and talk to somebody who is an expert in the field, like a psychiatrist or a psychologist. Spirituality can be beneficial to your mental health, but it cannot fully eradicate mental health problems.

Preparing to Be Spiritual

Being spiritual is not easy, but that is a given. After all, no good thing in life comes easy. A lot of hard work needs doing to reach a well-established spiritual fulfillment.

Acknowledge Your Emotions

 No journey, even a spiritual journey, starts without knowing where you come from. Your emotions will play a massive part in this spiritual journey. Emotions are intrinsic to the human experience. Knowing both your good and destructive emotions allows you to know yourself a bit better and prepares you a lot.

Minding Others

 Being spiritual also does not involve just oneself. It affects how you treat the world and the people that surround you. Thus, being spiritual also involves being empathetic to others and opening your heart to them.


 Meditation is talking and communing with oneself. Allow yourself time to get to know yourself, maybe look at your flaws, dwell on them, and understand why you have these flaws.

Being Thankful

 God’s grace has given us the gift of life and all things with it. Practice being grateful for every little thing, from the sun that shines in your window that brings awe and wonders to the gentle breeze that caresses your skin. Sooner or later, you will begin to find how extraordinary and profound life can be.

Spirituality can be a never-ending journey. Every day, there is so much to learn. However, if you keep at it, then your mind can remain at peace.

Learn more about love, spirituality, and other things by reading Kwaku Mensah’s book. You can learn more about it by visiting his website.